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Question of the Day - August 10th

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Massachusetts is having a tax-free holiday this weekend in which you do not have to pay state sales tax on purchases, although there are some restrictions -

The only articles exempt from the tax-free holiday are vehicles, boats, meals, telecommunications services, energy purchases and individual items with a value exceeding $2,500.

If this weekend was tax-free where you live, would you be going shopping? Would you be buying anything in particular?
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Clothes.. because I need them, and I'd get some kitchen items like a really nice grill press with interchangeable plates.
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..that would be a party.......

Let see...
maybe would be as my friend said....
-A home Theather
-a new pair of sunglasses for Milky, Catu and I!...

and some of boze!.......
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Definitely! This is a good opportunities to stock up on cat stuff. Even though nothing comes to mind but I'd still go out & look. I'm sure I can find something.
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I really don't have any idea what I would do.
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Oregon doesn't have a sales tax, so I can't share in all the fun of this moment.

I'll have to reconcile with the fact that there is a huge sale at JCPenny and Bath & Bodyworks this weekend, so I'll go spend my tax free dollars there.
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I want to redo my bathroom so that would be a great time to make all the purchases! I guess the whirlpool tub would have to wait tho.
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I wouldnt bother going.

Last weekend in Oklahoma they had that, no sales tax, I didnt go.
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We have tax free week this week in Florida on school supplies and clothes.

I know in June we also had a tax free week on hurricane supplies.
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Hehe...I live in a tax-free state. DH and I always forget about sales taxes when we're out of state! Family likes going on shopping trips here when they come to visit!
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I probably wouldn't bother. I am so used to paying tax that it doesn't bother me anymore. For the most part, the only place I shop is the store I work at anyways and I get a 10% discount after tax so its like I only pay 4% tax instead of 14%.
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They don't have one in PA either and we used to go buy kegs there... well also they have Yeungling which we don't in Ohio.

But I don't have any money right now, so I probably wouldn't. I don't mind paying taxes though.
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I would go shopping if I wasn't broke.
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hi luvmycat1, seeing where your from in Elkhart, In. brought up a lot of childhood memories for me. Back in the early 70's my grandparents bought a small motel there in Elkhart. We spent a lot of time there, I remember it was on a corner of a busy intersection, there were shopping centers across from it , lord i was about 7 or 8 at the time. The Town House Motel, I'm sure it isn't
there anymore. Anyway, didn't mean to bore you but I couldn't help but say something. We lived in Chicago at that time. We moved shortly to Texas and have been here ever since. Oh well, a piece of my life history.WOW! Blast from the Past!
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This weekend... No (cuz it's not payday weekend) If it were payday weekend, yes!! I would buy all the household stuff that I need and shoes and clothes that we need, not anything we didn't already need though.
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Tax-free weekend for us was last weekend, and I actually didn't go get anything! (Surprising because I LOVE "sales" or ways to save money). We are trying to keep putting more money away for the home/land buying.

If I DID go buy stuff it would have been clothes, shoes, books.
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New Hampshire doesnt have sales tax either. If I did live in a state that had "tax free weekend," I dont think I'd go out and buy something just because of the tax-free. If I want something, I'm not going to let a little sales tax get in the way of me getting it when I want.
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