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I got an IM from one of my friends the other day asking if I knew anyone that could help out someone she knows because due to some unfortunate circumstances, my friend's friend has to find homes for her cats ASAP.

ETA: From what I understand (so don't take this as gospel) she was in one place that allowed cats and had to leave. She found a place that would take her in, but they won't take cats. Her landlord has given her a deadline to find them a new home.

Here's the information I have...

"I have had Puck and Thisbe since they were kittens. They are my first
babies. I love my kitties dearly. However, the duplex that I'm
renting does not allow them. Normally I just keep hunting until I
find a home that will accept them, but with my bankruptcy not
everyone is willing to work with me. :/

I don't want to give them to just anyone. They are amazingly
wonderful cats. Puck is my dog/cat, and Thisbe is my prissy little
kitty. They are awesome with kids, Lorelai pulls and tugs on them all
the time and they've yet to do anything to her.

They're spayed and neutered and they'd come with a bag or two of
their food and their litter box and litter. I want to send them to
someone I know (or somewhat close to us in Palm Coast) so I can see them when I get a chance. Lorelai would be heartbroken if she lost her kitties. She loves those cats.

Any takers? This is killing me to do.

Here's Puck

And here's Thisbe "

I know she is in FL (Palm Coast), but last I heard she said she'd drive as far as NC to bring these babies to a good home. But of course, please check with her on that.

If you are interested in them, please PM me for her contact information.