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Um.... WHAT?

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So I just got a message on Facebook...

Kari says, "Hi Ashley... How cool to find you here!
I know you're wondering who the hell I am.. I'm your Aunt Kari. LOL. Add me and you can see a bunch of pics of your baby cousin!"

WHAT THE HECK? I have another aunt living out in BC? As far as I know I have eight aunts, one of them is deceased. Until now I've never known of an 'Aunt Kari'. Um.. I guess I have some sort of "secret family" living out in Kelowna! Although I might know how she's my "aunt".. my mom's real dad split from the family back in the 1960's and moved out west. I don't think he's had any other kids. Maybe he did and my mom didn't tell me!

I'm so weirded out right now... I know I am related to her, because of her last name, but really! Maybe I'm just being a complete moron and forgetting extended family as it's three in the morning.
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That is really weird!
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Maybe your mom didn't know about them?

But I would check into it more carefully before you add anyone, people have all kinds of personal info on facebook, and if she isn't related (peeps can have the same last name and not be related) you don't want her having that info
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I would be careful about this. I'm not familiar with facebook, but from what was said here, a lot of personal information seems to be available through there. Why didn't she say how she was related? Can you ask any of your aunts if they knew anything about her? I would check it out with the family first. Or can you reply to her without adding her, to find out exactly how you are related?

That being said, I am constantly meeting people that I am related to (in town) that I had no idea existed. When I was in 7th grade, I had a huge crush on a new guy, but I didn't know his last name. Told my mom all about him, just went on and on. Then a few weeks after school started, I found out his last name and told mom...she busted up laughing and told me he was my cousin!! Because of a family rift we had never met. That didn't stop the crush though...we were only 3rd cousins so legally we could still get married. Well, that didn't happen, but the irony is he and his wife ran our marriage encounter that DH and I had to go to before we got married!

So, it could be possible. But definitely check it out.
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Remember if you reply to her she will be able to see much of your profile - change your security settings first!
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I would ask around first before adding her.

I know emails different, but I see too many junk emails that are phony people trying to pretend to be someone else.

Perhaps there is a reason you didn't know about her too...
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Unless you have a very unusual name, sounds fishy to me! I'd contact some other family members and see what they know before you even reply back.

Could be some kind of nut stalking you. Or DH says you could allow a "key logger" in your computer so do not click on anything.
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Maybe she mixed you up with someone else?
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So it turns out she is actually my aunt but my mom never told me about her. I actually think it's sort of rude to not tell your kids, "Oh, you know you have another aunt and uncle living out west and we never told you about them!" I know if I had kids, I'd tell them that.
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