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Visual Migraines

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Lately I've been having visual migraines. Sometimes they are a prelude to the pain, other times it's just the visual symptom (called a scintillating scotoma.) My Imitrex doesn't seem to do anything for them. They are getting more frequent, about once a month, instead of once or twice a year. I was surfing around Google and found an illustration of one. Mine looks like the one on the bottom of the picture, except mine starts at the 12 o'clock position and curves around like a backwards "C" to the 4 o'clock position, it sort of undulates the way heat waves come off a pavement in the summertime. I had another one last night. They are so bright and sparkly that it makes looking at anything else difficult. I've talked to my doctor and eye doctor, and they both say that it isn't anything to worry about. Does anyone else have these??? It still kind of freaks me out when I have one!

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I have not have them but I know my sister has had them in the past. The first time she had one she was REALLY freaked out! But like you, the doctor told her it was nothing to worry about.
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Have you been to see a neurologist about this?
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I have them also.
The first time it happened I thought I was having a stroke!
When I went to the Doctor he gave me a big long name for it and then said it was an occular migraine.
I told him I didn't get a headache, nor was I sensitive to light or sound.
He said an occular migraine is basically a mirgraine without a headache and that it was nothing to worry about.

It might not be anything to worry about, but they sure do scare the poop out of you.
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I have had them where I go blind in my right eye. It was the scariest experience I've ever had the first time it happened.

Here is what I discovered: 1. Do not eat anything with Nutra-Sweet, Sweet and Low, or Splenda in it. This is my main trigger.

2. My second trigger is carpet glue and new paint.

Start asking if anything has changed in your environment. I've found that most visual migraines are due to some sort of allergy.
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If they are becoming more frequent, I would definitely call neurologist if you don't see one already.

To go along with what looking glass said though check around to see if there have been new introductions in your life, even new medications. I.e. I had a friend in college that took about 8-10 different meds per day.

Also have an allergy test done. A friend of mine receives migraines because she's allergic to anything with caffiene or mold. So cheese and chocolate are out for her.
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I get them, and so does my mom. I never did until a particularly bad concussion on Halloween two years ago (after being roofied-- my ex and I left the party and I passed out on the way home, thank goodness)

Anyway, I get the visuals where I almost go blind and then I get this weird river-looking thing that starts in the bottom right of my vision and goes upwards and left. It looks like blue sparklies that move, kind of like a ribbon-shaped river. Then I get multi-colored spots falling around it, like confetti kind of, but also black.

I also can't stop puking, sometimes for hours.

Usually, my headache isn't any worse than a normal one, though, thank god. Sometimes it is though.

I am not on any special meds for it though, when I feel one coming on I drink a bunch of caffeine and water and sometimes it stops it.
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