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Happy Birthday Tiger!!

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Tiger has been with me a year today, she actually came as a foster (her owner no longer wanted her after 13 years, and wanted her to be pts, fortunately my vets always contact me with oldies, and despite not really having the space, I squeezed her in), but was overlooked due to her age and temperament (most people didn't see her when they came, she hid for months). She has changed a lot since the cat who came a year ago, she is much more wiling to be stroked, sit on you and play now, i just wish more people would give cats like her a chance. With her recent health issues, I wasn't sure we would see this date, so am very pleased that she has. Fingers crossed we have another year together

First pic

REcent pic (not uploaded the ones taken at weekend yet)
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Glad she is feeling well enough to celebrate
Well done
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Thanks Anne - she is going to have lots of treats today, and I hope it doesn't cause her to have a poorly tum.
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Happy Birthday, Tiger!

I remember the first time I met Tiger and she has certainly come a long, long, way since then!

I hope Tiger feels much better soon and enjoys her special day!
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Happy Birthday Tiger!!!!
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Happy Birthday Tiger!

I don`t know why people don`t want the oldies
I`m glad she is doing so well with you. I was worried about Maisie not living long but it`s amazing what a little love and attention can do. Tiger is one lucky cat
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday Tiger!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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You Gorgeous girl!!!!!
may she have many more with you
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Thanks guys, I Wish more people would take on the oldies, they have so much to give. I do hope she has many more years to go, but whatever happens, she is loved here. Sadly, her birthday treat came back up, which is a shame, so will have to forego the rest of the birthday treats.

This is her full background, didn't have time this mornign to type it!!

A year ago yesterday, I had a phone call from my vets asking how many cats I had in - always suspicious of those calls, it normally leads to 'can you take one!!', I was supposedly full, but asked for details anyway!! So was told there was a 13yo cat who apparantly was destructive and her owner had had enough of it and wanted her pts, so the receptionist got him to agree to giving it a day to see if she could find a home for her, and I was top of the list!! So, couldn't see that happen, and there aren't a lot of places round here who will take in cats of that age (Reminds me, I need to ring the other rescue that does, to see how they are space wise), so I said I would help, even though it meant getting the cage out and going back up to 6 (5 is comfortable, 6 is pushing it). Rang the gentleman when I Got home, and made arrangements to pick her up the day after - when I Got there, we couldnt' find her, there weren't that many places she could have been, but despite calling her and putting food out, we couldnt find her - just as I was about to give up (was going out for the afternoon), she wandered in!! I picked her up, quick fuss, and in the carrier - her owner told me that although he had had her for 13 years, he couldnt stroke or brush her, but I haven't done too bad on that score, she would only allow them for a few seconds at first, but allows more now. She cried a lot though, and I then cried all the way home with her - not a good idea as I was the driver and there was a police car following me!! She wasn't that happy at first, but she was in a large dog cage, and did end up having to be allowed out as she wasn't happy, but this past couple of weeks, she has been really really good, she actively comes and sits with you, plays all by herself, plays with you, lets you stroke her for longer, and after frontlining her last night, I got to hold her for a cuddle (I was checking her claws, but she didn't grumble). She was supposed to just be a foster, but she was temperamental, and very few people saw her, she preferred to run away at first, and with her age, I didn't have any interest in her. So, when PEbbles insurance claim came through, I used it to pay for her adoption fee, bloods, chip and booster, I am sure Pebbles would be proud that another little one is guaranteed a home for life. I can't understand why nobody would want her, she is gorgeous, and a wonderful cat despite not being very sociable and loving.
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Happy Birthday Tiger!! Wishing you many more to come sweetie!
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Happy Birthday Tiger!

Wishing you many more happy years!!!
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