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I got a sweet tooth today

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because this is a beautiful day, and the sun is like
a veil in my hair, outside it is windy and warm and soft;
like love.

and i am singing and laughing and dancing and screaming,
in my skin, wild and wasting time, smiling.
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well, i had a great day, a lot of time to myself, a lot of
thinking, reflecting, and a lot of time here at this site rambling away

hope everyone else had a good day, and caught some sunshine
in their hair.
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Blue; Oh, you meant "sweet thoughts". I thought you meant CHOCOLATE!!!!

Just kidding, I always enjoy your posts. You are the original sweet tooth.(sweet spirit) I hope great things happen to, and for you, today and every day!
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i just want to say, you are so special to me, you are always
so kind & thoughtful, always so positive, and generous.

i wish the same for you.

thank you.
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Hey Blue:

Glad you're enjoying that beautiful Okanagan sunshine. I had a great day out with my mom today. Went shopping and out for lunch in Westbank. Cause I'm in Kelowna and she's in Peachland we meet half way.

I have been reading around this forum and see you are quite the poet. I have enjoyed reading your posts all over. Keep up the good work.
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Blue, your posts are like a breath of sunshine!!!
Luv ya!!!
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what beautiful words Blue!

miss you very much!
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I don't know you well at all.. but I have read some of the things you have posted. You're a wonderful writer and you have a way of saying things and putting the exact emotion you are feeling into the heart of the reader. I look forward to reading more from you
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Dear Blue :angel2:

It's so good to see you back and in such great spirits

Love &,
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It's too damned hot here! I'm hoping for a cooling breeze, but it's 9:00 p.m. and still no relief in sight. Oh, well. I suppose stifling heat is some sort of medicine dished up by Mother Nature for a purpose other than comfort. When it's this hot, I seldom venture out of doors. The cats join me in long spells of pathetic reclining, thinking of cool winds and snow cones. Alas, neither vision is other than etherial. Come to think of it, I've lots of orange juice! Poor kitties, though: They just lay around panting.

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awww... Colby, that's so sweet that you pulled this old thread up,
i miss you too, darlin.

i miss you all.
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And we miss you too!!!!
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Blue what I caught in my hair today was heat but reading your post was a gulp of fresh air and coolness. You've already in teh habit of saving my day sister
Love you!
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