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Wow. Check out this site.

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I'll let it speak for itself

World Clock
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lol hmm different that is for sure.
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I love it. I'm always thinking about these kinds of statistics and it's so interesting to see it all laid out like that. Brings a lot of things home, doesn't it?
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I saw this the other day, but it a lot of abortion statistics. I wonder if they can be customized or if the makers change the stats daily? Either way, it is facinating!
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That is pretty interesting!!! A lot of info!
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Mind-boggling and creepy at the same time.
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Isn't it? I stared at a few for a while that weren't moving so fast..... just to see....
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sweet link. i will have to show people i know.
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That is very interesting really makes you stop and think...
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I'm amazed, it's strange to think that babies are being born and people are dying the exact moment you are watching that clock. Wow.
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That's pretty cool.
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The abortion statistic part is soo sad

Any links on where they get all the statistics for this site? It's pretty neat.
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It is pretty neat, but it's depressing too.
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amazing..i loved it
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Thanks for sharing! Very interesting, I will be passing this on!
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