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Electrical Cord Destruction

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Please Help - We have a beautiful cat that we adopted from the Humane Society when she was a kitten, she is now two years old. She has a bad habit of chewing electrical cords. We have tried to wrap cords and make them as hard for her to get to as we can but she still seems to find a way to chew on cords. She has destroyed cords to our Dickens Village, Dept 56 houses, the Christmas Train cord, telephone cords, etc. We are at a loss as to what will get her to stop this behavior. She knows that she has done something wrong when she is watching us find the destroyed cords. She is very loving and very talkative. We talk to her and she talks back. She sits with us and loves on us all the time. I don't feel she is looking for attention because she gets lots of attention.

Any help will be appreciated. She is our first cat and we love her very much, but need this behavior to stop soon.

Thank you,
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Click on this link for a discussion of your kitty behavior problem.

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Have you tried buying PVC (the white plastic) tubing to put cords through? Blocking off cord areas?
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Vicks Vapo Rub works wonders! Just smear it all over the cords. It doesn't hurt the cords and kitty will not want anything to do with them.

There is also a product manufactured for this purpose. Follow the link and scroll down to Stop Shock Meowhoo
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