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Raw Tyson cornish game hen wing/chicken livers

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Was shopping for groceries at Lunds and brought a rozen rockcornish game hen( tyson is the brand name) and some ( golden plump ) chicken livers. While I was getting the oven ready to cook the bird for myself I ripped off one wing and cutting it open with a knife stripped the main bones off though left the boned wing tip intact, I gave it to my 4 month old kitten, Leopalorn to eat. He savagely attacked the meat, in fact I had to take it away from him so he wouldn't eat more bone then he had already he broke a good 1 nch peace of wing tip bone and swollowed it before I could stop him. He ate the meat and fat and then I gave him the chicken liver, again he ate it all up. I gave him some madalions to be sure he had the right balance of organ and muscle too.

Is it dangerous to be giving this wing to a kitten?

Is tyson/golden plump good brands?
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Tyson yes they dont use antibiotics... NO poultry is allowed hormones in the US...

I would not give a wing to a kitten but I have heard of it done
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Thanks, Hes fine and seems to have digested it pritty rapidly. Is it normal for cats on raw to eat so much and pack in so much, or is this just a kitten thing?/ Besides the wing he ate some chicken livers and two Natures varity madalions and wanted some of my dinner, but I pushed him away on that.

is he heathy weight. 3 lbs 8 oz last vet visit.
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They eat alot till there body adjusts...
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I've watched Pogue, in his kitten fervor, eat all of his generous portion of food, all of the remainder of every one else's generous portions of food, and then go hit the dry and eat more... and his little tummy was so full I don't know how it didn't burst, but thus far, the kittens all seem to do this.

I've read that it's okay to give them portions of chickens, like the backs, where there are tiny bones (breakable) for them to eat. I've also read that provided that the animal was small enough for the cat to have "hunted" themselves, the bones are fine, and one of the animals suggested were cornish game hens.. bones aren't bad for them raw, but *never* feed a cooked bone. They're actually supposed to eat the bones and cartilage, and skin and such because it balances their diet out. Now, that's just what I've read on the various websites relating to raw. Sharky is much more studied than I am.

You're actually at a point with your kitten that I have been trying unsuccessfully to get mine to, that is, tearing and eating from the carcass. Life would be so much easier.
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Good, thanks He had some more chicken livers and a madalion today
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It has been brought to my ATTENTION ... NOT ALL TYSON products are antibiotic free ... here is a link for the ones that are
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Maybe I'll thaw one of the hens and lop off some of the parts to see if they'll munch it from the bones.
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I might buy a chicken for our dinner and give Leopalorn the neck,gizzards as a snack.
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