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Who else loves Ocean City Md.

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I go every summer for a week, but the problem is I don't find out about the new and great places until the week is half over.
Have you been there this summer? Can you recommend any new restaurants/happy hours? I saw one online that is not new, but I haven't been there. Jordan's rooftop? been there any good.

I prefer excellent food reasonably priced of course, or a deal!
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Awesome when do you go? We go every year too I LOVE it up there! I am just super excited to be able to go to seacrets next year
Are you as addicted to thrashers as us?
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I live about an hour or so north of there. We go down every September for the Gem Show.

One of my friends goes there regularly durring the summer. Secrets is her favorite place. I'll ask her for some suggestions for you! She was just there about 2 weeks ago for a weekend so she should know what's new there right now. If you like seafood there is a place that has a very good buffet....trying to think of the name.... I'll have to add that when it comes back to my mind!
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Oooooh I was just there last weekend! I usually go for a few weekends during the summer. On Saturday I ate at Harpoon Hanna's, and it was really good.

Earlier this summer I ate at Harrison's Harbor Watch, which is at the very end of the boardwalk. Very good food also.

I have been to Jordan's Rooftop but it was awhile ago and I don't really remember it. However, it's supposed to be good.

Seacrets is always fun.

BJ's on the bay (75th St?) is really good and affordable, and the view if you eat outside is beautiful.

I really liked The Shark before they closed and re-opened it last year. Now it's too expensive.
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I think we must stay on the other end! I dont remember any of these places! We usually stay on the very end in Assategue house. Minus the air raid siren its a great place to stay! LOL
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I used to go to OC every summer with family or friends. After 1st marriage we never went cause my ex didn't like the ocean and we had to vacation at his parent's house in WV.

After divorce and meeting my DH, we made a special trip to the ocean when he was in Maryland visiting me. We had 3 of the boys (oldest didn't come that trip) and went to OC - that was probably 7-8 yrs ago now.

Things really changed a lot since I was there as a teen. So I really have no recommendations. We had a good time on the boardwalk when there
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Have you checked out thier website? I found 2

This is for their department of tourism:

This is another visitor guide site:
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Awesome when do you go? We go every year too I LOVE it up there! I am just super excited to be able to go to seacrets next year

I will be there the week of labor day. will be at seacrets for jim long and fireworks on sunday. It is great!
Also, my downfall is Keno.
the keno places I know to play are seacrets, pirates den, bj's, Island cafe, coins, .
Know of any others? sometimes I am embarrassed to go back, they think I am a degenerate.
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we always go the first week in June. Its Senior week but that works for us More partying! I think the purple moose has keno, and they have really good live bands!
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Anymore suggestions for OCMD? I forgot to mention dummsers icecream yum,. but I am looking for new restaurants with great food.
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Oh I forgot to ask my friend for you! I've only talked to her 500 times since you posted this too!
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