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Healthy potato salad...

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When I was at the doctor earlier today I found this recipe that I am trying to find online. I have found several versions but not the one I read about.

Here is roughly the ingredients:
Russet potatoes (I think they said 6)
1tsp of extra virgin olive oil
a bit of lemon juice
shallots or chives (don't remember which)
a bit of salt and pepper to taste

Then it just said cook potatoes for 20-30 minutes till tender but not mush. Then in a big bowl mix olive oil, lemon juice, chives and salt/pepper. When potatoes cool toss or mix them in bowl. And serve

Or something very similar. Hubby said it sounds good so next time we have either steak or chicken we are gonna try it.
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Found the recipe. It says it a Lebanese dish:


(click link for the recipe)
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maybe you could try this, not as healthy as a potato salad but a great comfort food lol! just pade them for a pre dinner snack as we are eating LATE tonight

Potato chips

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I was looking for a potatoe salad recipe a couple weeks ago and I found one with the lemon juice. It sounds good to me, nice and different.
How did it go at the doctors?
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Well the bleeding had stopped yesterday. But I still went. He said he did not feel any swelling like the other doctor said. They put me on loestrin 24 for the next 3 months to regulate my cycle. If I have anymore bleeding(like before) or bleed inbetween cycles call them back asap.
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Are you satisfied with his 'diagnosis'?
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satisfied yeah I guess. I don't know what that swelling was the other doctor saw because it was not there today. And I have no idea why my cycle got so out of whack like that. Right now I can not afford to get a second opinion else where so I just have to hope all it was was my cycle being out of whack and this medicine will fix it.
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I was talking to a friend of mine last night, somehow we got to talking about our 'cycles'. She told me that while she was going through 'the change', which she didn't realize because she was only in her 30's, that she would bleed for 28 days, it would stop for a couple days and start again. Her doctor said "hey it's just your cycle" (!!!) So he put her on birth control to try to regulate her cycle.
Eventually, she said her TOM just stopped, on her Birthday!!
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