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If Ginger goes missing...

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If Ginger goes missing, I know I need to check my co-worker's house first.

We had Kim and her daughter Shannon kitty-sit for us while we were out of town last week. They have 4 cats themselves, so they are quite well versed in all things kitty.

During the 4 days they came over, they never saw Ophelia or Trent, which is typical of those two. But Ginger and Mojo came racing down the stairs to greet them. And they both really fell in love with Ginger. Kim's words when I came back, "We llllliiiiiiikkkkkkeee Ginger! We want to take her home - she's a real sweetie!"

It's funny - I talk about Mojo a lot because she's trouble. I talk about Trent because he's my baby boy. I talk about Ophelia because she's always amazing me how adjusted she's become for a once feral kitten. But I forget to talk about Ginger even though she's my greeter, my kissy-kitty, my little shadow. But she's the one who makes the biggest impression on guests.
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Awww she sounds like a real sweetheart - you better keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't go missing!!!
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Awww, Ginger Cookie sure knows how to wrap people around her little paw.
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People say the same thing about Dr. Claw.

I swear my Dad almost put his leash on him and walked him out of the apartment!
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