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Ha! Gail C, you are not the first to apparently misspell "fridge" and get censored for it! (And yes, Catgirl, you spelled okra perfectly!)

Hey, Mooch is right -- you are a human interest story! Call the nearest TV station and let everybody enjoy your good fortune!
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oh no, things are not goin so well right now. im so upset and i dont know what to do.

first, i thought about it and mooch sent me a nice pm to really suggst agian that i shoulld call the tv stations. so i did. and they were interested! they are going to send over a tv crew tomorrow! i was so excited and i started clenaing the house from top to bottum and bottum to top, lol.

ive never been on tv b4 and i was so nervus. i still am so nervus.

and then my bf came home.

well, first we got in a huuuge fight about amana and okra and rudy. he was really pissy about me taking them in and said i had to get rid of them i told him no way i was getting rid of them after teh hole thing w/the frige. oh, im so mad at him.

then finally after he had some dinner he calmd down some but i told him about the tv crew coming tomorrow and, omg, he finally told me the real reason that we moved to minnesota. turns out testified against some gang bangers involved in dogfighting back in virginia. (no, nothing do with micheal vick). so he wanted to move back near his parnts b/c he was so scared htey would hurt him or me.

and now hes scard about the tv crew coming. omg, if those gang guys find out where we moved he'll be in trouble. in fact, im afriad they might hurt our furbabies b/c they coudl do that w/o geting in real bad trouble like htey would for coming after us. now i have 5 to look out for.

so, my b/f hates the new cats. we fought so bad and said mean things. he lied to me when we moved. and now im scard for the kitties. i tried to call the reporter back but she had gone home for the night. i cant tell hre the real reason i dont want her here b/c that could be ever more nwsworthy.

pls help! what shoud i do? what should i say?

u guys have been great so far, but now im scared. and pissed at my lying evil bf.
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Okay, first, don't worry -- the TV people don't have to show your face or the outside of your house at all, and they can use your first name only. Just explain that you've had an experience with a stalker and you don't want to set yourself up for any more trouble, so they must not reveal your location or your identity in any way.

In this day and age, that's a perfectly reasonable request, and one I'm sure they get a lot of. They'll just shoot you from behind, looking over your shoulder at the kittens... it'll be fine.

Second... you're right, your boyfriend lied to you, and he lied about something big that involved your safety. How long have you known him? I can't help wondering how he knew these "gangbangers" in the first place... was he one of them?

I may be 'way off base there, and I certainly hope I am... but it's something you deserve to know the whole truth about.

It'll be okay tomorrow -- they're going to want to shoot the refrigerator and the kitchen, and wherever Amana and the babies are set up now... but that's really all they need. (I used to work in TV... trust me, they can make a story out of just two different setups and it'll be fine.)
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Sheesh -- knowing TV people as I do, it occurs to me that they might try to get you to put the kitties back in the refrigerator so they can get a shot of that -- BUT DON'T LET THEM TALK YOU INTO IT! Those tiny babies mustn't get chilled at all.

And how are the little darlins doing now?
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ok, ive calmed down a bit. bf says he didnt know the gang guys but happened to work next door to where they had there fights and so he got involved when the cops aksed around the neighbrood if any1 knew anything. i dont know why he just didnt tell me tho. he says he didnt want to scare me, but im still a bit pissed about that. told him if he ever lies to me agin he can find a new place to live. sob.

hes still saying the new cats cant stay tho. i spose it was bad 4 me to take them in w/o asking him. but we cant kick them out now. we just cant.

thanks for the advice about the tv shots, tho, sounds good. it should work, i think. and no, i wont put the back in the frige. no way! i can prolly put em back in the vegie drawer, though, and put it on the blankit, i guess.
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I'm probably gonna get beat up here. I'm sick and running a fever...let me tell you that in advance. I'm kinda grumpy and cynical ( and can't spell either).
But it seems like someone is trying to yank your chain here. That is IMHO. I hope not, but that cat and baby kittens born in a fridge is darn hard to swallow. And if it's true about about the BF....run, run, run away. Take the cats...all of them and find safety.

Kick me all you want...I'll probably never post here again if that is the case.

It's been fun.
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i wont kick you. im just too sad and tired to respond rite now. i wont like what i say. i think ill just go curl up with vege adn supernova. they need some attension i think.

if im not good enuf for tcs, its okay. ill just go back to being halfie the girl i used to be. im kinda used to people not liking me rite away anway. its hard for me to make friends. real hard.

so goodnite. and maybe goodbye.

love always

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Spuds, same thought ran through my mind...
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