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Housesitting for older male cat...need advice!

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I've been housesitting for most of the year for two older cats, one male Norwegian Forest cat and a female Burmese. All went well for the first four months of the year and I've taken care of these cats in the past without incident. The problems began when the house owner returned for few months and the male cat got sick.

Without going to much into detail, the male cat has recovered fairly well from some serious dehydration and diarrhea issues and is almost 100% but still has frequent diarrhea and a very finicky appetite. The owner has tried a number of things but is very preoccupied with work issues and not a natural when it comes to animal husbandry to begin with. He is now buying natural cat food from Whole Foods which seems to be okay and also wanting the cat to be fed several small meals per day which makes sense as well. But he is also wanting to feed the cat a lot of meals which consist of just meat...i.e....boiled chicken or canned salmon.

I am concerned the cat is going to get too more protein than his his older kidneys can handle. I've tried mixing chicken with cooked white rice and boiled zucchini, etc with mixed results. I am also very pressed time-wise and working on starting a business and find a part time job. Any basic suggestions for feeding this cat in the most optimal yet not too complicated manner would be greatly appreciated. I've tried googling this but there are so many opinions out there, I figured I'd just try a cat forum. Thanks!
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HAS the cat seen a VET and had a senior blood panel done??? DO you have a medical consent form??
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several times in the course of the last few months and also has given the cat water injections from a bag set up by the vet to keep him hydrated. He is almost back to his old self but he is a 15 or 16 year old cat. The biggest issue is keeping weight on him. So my request is simply to get some simple food ideas and feedback regarding giving him a lot of animal protein. He sometimes will refuse all else but if you're cooking fish, meat or chicken he goes nuts and meows loudly (very!) till you give him some.

He also still has fairly loose stools although when he actually has diarrhea it usually winds up on the carpet. But he has been in the litter box for the most part and the canned food the vet recommended seemed to make his stools even looser. Giving him cream also seemed to make his stools looser but the challenge for a while was just to get any kind of nutrition at all into him that he would cooperate and actually eat.

Again, food ideas are what I'm looking for. Thanks.
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SOrry you werent clear...

Yes homemade food is an option ... I am not home but will PM you some recipes... WIth older cats My thought is keep them eating ...

WHat canned food did the vet recommend??? this gives me alot of info..

QUALITY over quantity with older cats and protein... my Kandie lived with CRF for 4 plus yrs on me changing her diet ... Does this cat eat dry food at all??
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