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Four legged paying guests

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Look who is in my field right now!

Seven horses are staying the night. When I decided to become a holiday landlady I didn't quite think this would happen, but last week I met a girl who is starting her own pony trekking business, and was looking for places where her riders could stay, with their mounts of course. So we decided to give it a try and they all turned up this afternoon. The riders are in the gite eating pizza and the horses seem to like my field with its fruit trees and are munching plums and apples. My ponies are in the other field, and seem unperturbed by the new lodgers.
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those are some very pretty horses! looks like a new business venture for you Jenny!!
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Oh how lovely! I think it's really neat that you are trying that out with the trekking company lady!
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That's neat, Jenny!
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Congratulations on your first successful venture in this area.
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I think that's a fantastic idea! Expand your business opportunities! I hope it all works out. Those horsies certainly look happy.
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With all those fruit trees the horses may not want to leave.

I hope it goes well - and they are better guests than the last bunch.
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Oh my!

Those horses are beautiful!!
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Oh cool -my fav are the bays

We stayed at a B&B who had a field attached for guests to rest their horses. She said it was quite popular - this was in Iowa
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Can I come live with you?
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