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Paper or Plastic?

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My new cat loves to play in plastic bags. I know it is potentially dangerous but i can't keep her out of them. I know that cats love paper bags but this one prefers plastic shopping bags. Anyone elses cats like plasic bags?
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My Chessy loves plastic bags. However, he likes to eat them! A few times he has actually swallowed some plastic and thrown it back up, so we try to keep it away from him at all costs! I don't want him to get a blockage.

As long as your cat isn't actually eating the bags and you are supervising her I think it's okay to let her play.
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If I leave a pile of plastic bags out, Whitey pounces on them like a kid and a pile of leaves. It's cute at first, but once I realise he's eating the bags I'll throw them away.

Whitey and Luna both love paper bags too. Have you tried playing with yours and the paper bag? I usually take a finger and begin scratching under the bottom of the bag and that will get them going. They think there's a rodent scratching
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My girls like them too, but I only let them play with them while I'm watching. Mooch chews plastic so I just don't trust her! Plus Noodles can be skittish, so I don't want her getting the handle of one around her neck and then taking off with it. I know her, she would panic at that. Generally they just sit among/play with them while I'm unloading groceries.
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Moonlight hates plastic bags!!! I'll come home from the grocery store and he'll come and greet me but once he hears the sounds of the bags he runs upstairs!! When their not making any noise, he likes to lay on them. I don't think it's dangerous but watch them just in case.
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Chablis LOVES them! He will try to lay on them before we get all the groceries out of them even! He's never tried to eat them before, he just likes to roll around on them!
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Kitters likes anything she can get in to!!! She's a freak that way! She is really good though and doesn't try to eat any of that stuff!
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Some of ours chew on them, too, so we have to keep the bags out of their reach. But if you do let them play with grocery sacks, either paper or plastic, be sure to cut the handles first!

Years ago, our Dylan stuck his head through a plastic grocery sack that we'd left on the kitchen table with library books in it, waiting to be returned. When he realized he was trapped, he panicked and took off through the house with the sack around his neck and those heavy books bouncing around in it -- poor kitty, he was terrified, thought he was being chased and beaten, I'm sure!

It seemed like forever, but I'm sure it was no more than a few seconds before I caught him and tore the handle to free him. It scares me silly thinking of it -- it could have snapped his neck!
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Mine dons't chew, she just likes to play with them and try to get inside of the bags. Anytime she ears one she comes running.
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Radar loves shredding plastic bags, he's never actually eaten any, but we let him investigate our shopping and then put the bags where he can't get to them because I'd rather not give him the opportunity to do himself harm!

Sonic on the other hand is scared of them. The sound of rustling plastic bags gives him "toilet-brush tail" and a mohican down his back. It's the only thing he's scared of, I must ask his breeder sometime if he ever got caught up in one while playing when he was little!
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