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1st time taking cats in for a sick visit

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I adopted my two youngest cats last month and when I brought them home about three days later I noticed my youngest was sick. He was sneezing and sniffling and his nose was so wet. It passed on to the 2nd youngest and then to my oldest and now to my 2nd oldest and it seems to have gone from three of the cats, but my 2nd oldest is still very sick. She sneezes and sniffles and her nose is wet and she's not herself lately. I figured she would get better because the rest were better, but then I got to reading and came up with "upper respiratory infection" and though signs are no longer visible in the other cats I believe they still have it.

I didn't want to take my kittens back to the shelter for fear they will want to keep them and not give them back to me so I kept them and scheduled a vet appt for this Saturday.

I need to know what to expect since this is my first time taking my cats to vet at all. My two oldest have never been sick and I rescued one of them from off the street. I go to Luv My Pets for their vaccinations and their great, but now I have to take them to the vet because they are sick now.

Anybody have any experience with this type of infection and what does the vet subscribe? Should I be doing something special for each of them since they are sick? Not sure what to do...hence is what got me to this site.

Thank you all in advance.
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I'm going to say that the vet will give them a routine exam, weigh them, and probably take their temperature. For a URI they'll either prescribe Amoxicillin or Clavamox, which is Amox plus something else, but its stronger and works faster basically. It'll usually be a 10 day prescription and your kitties should be good as new! I would also request liquid meds, they are MUCH easier to administer.
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It sounds like Upper respitory, and antibiotics should clear it up. But if the antibiotics don't work and the symptoms reoccur, you might want to consider having your vet test them for the FIP virus. I don't mean to scare you, but I have two cats whose reoccuring symptoms of UR wouldn't clear up permanently, and they were both diagnosed w/ FIP. It is a fatal feline disease, but can be treated to some extent with the proper meds. Geronimo & Winchester are now both on Interferon for the remainder of their lives, to help keep them in remission. FIP is akin to human Aids, which means they have little or no immune system, and can't fight off illnesses like healthy cats can (from what I understand as explained by my vet).

I hope your kitties aren't FIP, and the antibiotics will do the trick! I will be sending good vibes your way.

Good luck! Keep us updated!!

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The Amoxicillian is working good. I did hear a sneeze last night out of my oldest kitty Tokyo but the sniffles and bad sneezing is over.

.5 ml for the babies
1 mil for the oldies

twice a day for 7 days

Hopefully they will be able to get their vaccinations next week.
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