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We are under a tornadoe warning

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And also my little suburb in our town is under a local state of emergency from earlier this morning, 8 am today, we had wicked storms come through and the thunder was so loud And it was a bad storm but luckily lasted under an hour... But every where was flooded and so many roads were closed, and the one by me is still closed and they cant get it cleaned up in time for the next storm which is here

Now we are under a tornado warning and they said this is going to be a very dangerous storm

I am hoping and praying that all are safe, and of course that we dont get the tornado I am now going with a game plan on how to get all 6 cats in the basement and not loose them down there, its a little messy down there And well they have never been down there really!

This is very scary And blackie hasnt been back for a few days or else he wold be in the basement right now too
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Stay safe!! I hope Blackie's OK!
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I am sending you safety vibes. I hope everybody stays safe.
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Here are no tornado vibes. My area's supposed to get a severe thunderstorm this afternoon but I haven't heard a peep yet. It's sunny out right now. I hope you and your kitties stay safe.
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We had a tornado warning yesterday. And guess what? There were no funnel clouds just clouds that looked like funnel clouds. So no tornado! We did go in the basement though, and luckily Moonlight was plopped right next to me so it was easy to scoop him up and get him down there. Don't worry, cats know how to stay safe in a storm. I hope it doesn't hit you or anyone else.
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Well the tornado warning was canceled Thankfully ! But we are under severe thunderstorms off and on all day, and so far this is a nasty storm, and theres more coming and he said this is only storm #2

There is a lot of wind damage, the parkway is closed here and trees are down everywhere, my brother just called and he said he cant even get into his office the roads are closed and theres debri every where and telephone poles down things like that..and because the parkways closed he has to take all the back streets to get home and a lot are closed!

Also there was a sighting of a Tornado on the River downtown! Sometimes I am happy that I live on a huge hill We were hit Monday so people were still cleaning up from that, and now today there was that storm this morning which was horrible..and now this one..and more coming

I keep yelling at Blue though because she keeps going in the window to watch the storm

Another update: The street by my house thats closed is now completely covered and under water and taken homes before it was only certain parts but now its the whole road ! I hope every one is safe and same with blackie My county is under a state of emergency now

But thank u all The next storm is on its way!
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oh i hope you all stay safe, and that the power doesn't go out.
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Yikes! We're getting part of a storm that came down from PA and we're under a severe thunderstorm warning too. (see my post about the ice cream man ) It's really dark out at the moment, but not raining so hard anymore. I think the storm fizzled out some.

It's times like this that I wish DH had a nice indoor job! I'm his personal weathergirl....I'm always looking at the weather and if I see something coming I give him a call.
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Stay safe... lots of vibes,, and some for those people who are taking water in there homes too.. how sad..

Blackie will be fine.. Smart cats,, they stay out of the water,, probably found a good hiding place close to your home!
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Sending you vibes that the storms don't cause any damage in your area!

We had a tornado pass over our house one time. I've come to the conclusion that tornados are nature's way of making all of us clean our basements.

Stay safe!!
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Sending many vibes your way and for the people in your area ........ and vibes for Blackie too
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You had those same storms that came through Ohio late this afternoon. There were tornadoes sited, not sure if any had touched down or not. I did hear of some damage, a large sign knocked down on top of a car and a barn was blown down as well. This was in a very rural area, so one may have touched down without causing a whole lot of damage. I'm glad you made it through ok
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