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Door slave to my cranky cat!

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I have two issues with one of my cats and am hoping someone might have some advice ...

The most pressing problem is that we've turned into door-slaves to one of our cats! She is two years old, very intelligent, and LOVES to roam outside. She gets the night crazies, so we have been letting her out at night recently since the weather is warm and we live in a safe apartment complex. However, she has taken to yipping and yapping at the door when she wants to go in or out ... INCESSANTLY. She'll yip-yap for a few minutes, we'll finally let her out, and she'll want to come in after only FIVE MINUTES sometimes! She has gotten to be quite a pain and I'd rather not have to get up and let her in/out five times a night! Any suggestions?

Concurrently, she has taken to clawing the screen doors a little bit if she's not let in promptly. This is a cat that has been difficult to break of bad habits (she's just purely insolent!) and I have given up trying to teach her lessons at 4am. Suggestions welcome for easy ways to remedy this also.

In the face of all her annoying behaviors, it is difficult to put up with them because of the larger issue that this cat is incredibly cranky and snotty! It makes me ask, "Why do I put up with you, again?" She is only sporadically friendly or affectionate, and mostly prefers to be left alone to run amok when she wants to run amok, and nap when she wants to nap. She is very communicative in the form of snorts or growls, and will sometimes growl if you even talk to her or look at her! Anybody have any tips for warming up a particularly pissy and unfriendly cat? Would be nice to at least have her be a better, more personable (err ... catable?) companion.
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Ahhhh, this sounds familiar in many ways to my beloved Pandi! Difference being Pandi was strictly indoors, but thats about it! Once in a while you hear about or come across a cat that for whatever reasons seem to be very dominant and even manipulative in some ways. One way to find a common is to figure out what play toys she will actually interact with and possibly enjoy! Some cats are picky or just different, often the most stimulating and important thing is that we are playing with them. I would have a playtime, up to 1 hour each night 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Try different toys, feather sticks. fur mice, even foil balls, toilet paper centers, and bottle caps often are the most entertaining home made toys! Te trick is to play with her with the toys, stimulate her to interact......
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