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Newborn Kitten Paw Problem

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My little Moon Pie (only 7 pounds) just gave birth last week to 9 kittens (YES!!! 9!!!) We lost one after only 3 days but the rest are still going strong. I noticed the other day one of the babies had "lumps" on her two front thumbs. I figured she had a slight deformity, but last night noticed two of the others also had "lumps" on their thumbs (only one each). I was feeling the lumps when a lot of white pus-like fluid came out. It had no odor nor discoloration, just pure white fluid. I drained them all but am concerned. Has anyone else seen this problem and what was done. My main worry is that it may be a systemic infection. Please help.
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I'd call the vet and see how they want to handle it - doesn't sound good to me!
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I lost 3 more kittens. I'm crushed. I really have done all I could. Mom gave birth in a clean room, away from all other animals. Vet won't treat week old kittens for the infection. I'm assuming mama probably had a uterine infection that passed to the babies. The remaining 5 seem healthy and robust, but so did the others. They decline so quickly. What clued me in was seeing the same white pus at their umbilical sites. I'll get antibiotics for mom, that might resuce who's left but doubt it. Bless these babies. Heaven is not lacking for precious ones, is it.
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to thos kittens, I hope that the rest make it through fine!
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Oh goodness, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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oh, that sucks.
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I'm very sorry I had a litter born on 7-7-07, there were five and only one survived One by one the precious little things declined and died. There was nothing I could do. They call it here fading kitten syndrome. Each loss was heartbreaking and painful and I cried for days. I didn't even want to post about it anymore. When there were only two left, I noticed that one had the paw problem you were telling about, one day it was there, the next gone, then back. He made it to 3 weeks but failed to thrive and I lost him too. The one who's left is fat, healthy and active. I was wondering about what you said about the infection, because the people I got the mother cat from said she was the only one of her litter to survive and they told me because she'd been sick she was infertile. She didn't come into heat until she was 2, and this was her only litter. I think maybe whatever sickness or problem was in her family she carried it inside her even though it didn't affect her anymore and passed it on to her children. I feel terrible. The one kitty is so lonely, crying out for siblings to pounce with, he's got Mommy but it's not the same. This was supposed to be a happy experience but it's been upsetting. I won't let it happen again. Good luck with the rest of yours and know that you loved them as long as you could.
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Well, update again on Moon Pie and the remaining babies. I lost one more yesterday, leaving four. They seem to be healthy, strong, nursing and their eyes are starting to open. Mom is on antibiotics 3x daily and that may rescue remaining kids. Keep all fingers crossed, maybe these final four aren't infected or hopefully mom's antibiotics will get to them thru her milk. Thanks for your encouragements and support.
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hope they all stay ok.
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sending kisses to you and your babies... i hope everything starts to turn around
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This is just a guess, but suspect you need to change-out the bedding more often. It sounds like the momcat isn't doing her part taking care of her family, this could be because she doesn't feel well, or they smell strange to her, not like normal kitties. If you can't release the pressure, the infection has no place to go but stay inside the kitty. Call your vet and ask him to tell you how to release the pressure safely. Also tell him that since he won't treat them in house, would he please let you start them on amoxy drops. I suspect if he won't help you, then you are going to lose a few more. If any of the pus pockets have opened, you can soak them in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes three times a day.

Good luck and keep the bedding underneath them clean and dry-
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