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I Love Her Black Paws!

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All of Spooky's paws are black, and have black fur at least up to her ankles. I think they're too cute! So smoochable! I don't have a pic yet of her sleeping on her back with all four visible, so this will have to do:
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oh what pretty paws! i love kitty paws. i just want to gobble up ed's paws sometime -- even though they are freakishly strong!
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Oh, that's too cute! Kisses for kitty feet

Ivo is the opposite-she's mainly black, with white feet. One of her feet is barely dipped in white, and while the rest of her pads are pink, a few are black on that foot. I like to tell her I love her little black toes.
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Peedoodle has blue paws LOL

I love cat paws too, I always kiss Peedoodles!

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Snowball's little paws are pink. I'd love to see a picture of Spooky lying on her back with all four paws in the air! Kitties are always soooo cute when they're like that!!!!
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I love kitty paws too!
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LOL that is a cute picture Tamme!
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Great pic! I love paws too....they are just so cute.
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For all you paw lovers out there, take a peek at this little guy! He's got lots of toes, and it is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

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I'm in wuv!
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What cute paws! Boo is the same color as Spooky and she has all white paws and ankles. She has some black and some pink paw pads. Its so cute!
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AW! Spooky is such a pretty girl, and those paws are indeed smoochable! I love kitty paws too, much to my kitties' dismay. Trent's are all black, as expected with a black cat. He's got some of the biggest paws I've ever seen! Ophelia has these dainty little paws, with some pink and some black pads. So cute! She doesn't let me kiss her paws. It's taken 3 years for her to let me kiss her head.
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I think it is pretty obvious by my name that I love kitty paws too .

Great pics!
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Love the kitty paws!!!!!!!!!

Nakita has mauve paws with of course, grey fur! I'd show a pic, but I don't have the camera!

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Laurie....that pic of Spooky is so cute!!! It looks eactly like Merlin, except his paws are white with pink and grey spotted paw pads.

Tamme! Love that picture!!!!
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Debby, I think Spike's paws might look similiar to Merlin's. It took me this long to get a decent shot of one of his. :tounge2:

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just adorable cat's paws are just precious

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