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Work... Ugggghh

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Is it just me,, or does it seem like work seems to drag on longer these days for some odd reason????

It's only 10am here, and I'm soo ready to go home... Get out of this hole... Uggggh.. Is it really possible to have a job you like and want to come too,, oh and make decent money doing it??
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Yes... but its hard to find...
I LOVE my job, I wish the pay was better, but I know it will be soon!
I work at a doggy day car, so I get to go spend my days with awesome dogs that (most of them) I love. And I mean sure I've made better money other places, but I hated going. Worst job ever... telemarketing the $11+ an hour was great... getting cursed on a regular occasion sucked!
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I don't mind my job, however the people I work with leave a lot to be desired.

I am an office manager and the pay is excellent, I manage two offices owned by the same company so my hours are pretty flexible but it does mean I am on call virtually 24/7 in case things go wrong.

Most time things going wrong is caused by employee's not showing up for work, neglecting their duties, and not paying attention to details. Then it's my job to cover, repair or correct the problem...To say the least it is frustration X2.

I can see myself changing jobs within the next few years to something more routine but for now the paycheck is very attractive and keeps me coming back.
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I feel ya... My day is dragging, yesterday it was dragging... It always drags for the most part. Life, isnt it grand
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I keep trying to offer my position to other people, but so far no one is taking

There are days where I feel like banging my head onthe desk out of boredom. Then other days I can hear my brain rotting.

I believe that there is no such place as the "perfect" workplace. you can be hired in somewhere and for the first 6 months everything is good. However if the turn around is regular or high at the company, then a workplace can go from good to bad almost overnight. It can also go from bad to good almost overnight as well. A job is kind of like the tide.

However if its bad all the time, then well I'd start looking.
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