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Question of the Day - August 9th

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How many credit cards do you have?
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We have 4. I have 2 and DH has 2.
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Too many
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only 1 ...and it`s 1 too many for my liking!(We had to use it last winter when our furnace went out...then the dryer needed repair, then the washer,then the oven.....and then our sweeper died! Gesh!) I hate oweing $
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I have 2. I have one for the place I work because it automatically has my employee discount on it, and I have a mastercard too.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Too many
Me, too!!
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4......(are too much?......)
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one, its great for unexpected bills, also its the only card I own that I can use in the US, luckily my husband pays for everything lol
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Right now I only have 2. I only use one and the other one is a back-up for emergencies (I don't carry it with me).
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2 and that's all I'll ever have again, i ran into big trouble a couple years ago with credit cards
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
luckily my husband pays for everything lol
That must be nice! Just kidding!
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Just 2, thank God!
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Oh my gosh, this time two years ago I had 9. Yes, NINE!!

I've since cut them all up.
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I use to have 5 but learned my lesson very quickly on how many is to many.

I now have only 1 which I use for emergencies or for on-line shopping were you can only use a credit card.

I would prefer not to have any but we have developed very much into a credit card society and there are tons of things you can't do if you don't have one.
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5 - but we've paid off 2 and will be cutting them up. The gas cc we will keep and plan on paying off the other 2 as quick as we can. We don't want any credit card debt!
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2 unfortunetly
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None, DH does not believe in them, if you can't pay cash, you don't get it. I keep trying to tell him we should have one for emergency. That is what savings is for is his response. Only thing we owe on is our house, it is actually kind of nice.
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I have 0!! I have been credit card free for 8 months! And I plan to stay that way.
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3 sort of...I charge every thing on one card & pay off the balance every month. Another card is for emergency (knock on wood we haven't had the chance to use it). The last one is our ATM card but can use it like VISA. I only use this card if the vendor doesn't accept my first card.
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I don't have any.
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2, 6 if you count department store credit cards. However I don't use those and have been meaning to cancel them for a couple of years since I don't shop at those stores anymore.
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No credit cards here.
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Just one. Hopefully that won't get me in trouble.
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One....that's down from like 7 or 8! Dh and I spent just over 2 years paying off +$25,000 in CCard debt. Thank the LORD we did that before I got laid off in June.

Now we only use that card for online purchase and things like that. Otherwise it's cash or we don't get it. But in our defense, we racked up quite a bit of that debt with a failed business.
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2 I think that is enough.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
How many credit cards do you have?
Only 1.

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Technically 0! But our bank offers a debit card so its kinda like a credit card.

We decided years ago that we didnt NEED credit cards!!
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None! I only use debit, far safer that way.
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Zip, Nada, Zero, Zilch!!
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way too many. in fact, i'm planning on visiting the consumer credit people this month to start a repayment plan.
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