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Bladder Infection

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Hi - My cat started pee-peeing on a couple of things so off we went to the vet. My vet said he has a bladder infection but he doesn't tolerate Amoxi Liquid very well, so we were given Baytril chewables to mix in his food thinking that was a better alternative. I crushed it up and mixed it in his canned food. Of course, he turned his nose up at it. I got it down him with a syringe, finally. Today I didn't feel like dealing with the syringing, so I just broke the tablet in half and pilled him normally.

It's been four days of this nonsense. The problem is that he won't even eat much of the food I put down for him (without the medicine). He'll eat some of it but then walk away. At least he's eating, but certainly not his normal self. Can antibiotics have that much of an effect on an animal to make them go off their food a bit?
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Thanks, Vikki.

I decided to try and pill him regularly instead of crushing the food up in his food. He got his last pill last night, but still is not back to his normal eating habits. I boiled some chicken that he'll eat, but he turns his nose up at everything else, even his beloved canned food.

My questions are: 1) is the boiled chicken ok for him to be eating? He seems to like it and I figure as long as he'll eat something - anything, he's getting some nutrition in his body, and 2) could he just be playing food games with me or has the Baytril really messed up his tummy? I'm certainly having a hard time getting him back on the regular food, but is there a point where I should just leave him be, quit messing with the chicken, and he'll eat his regular food when he's ready? We free feed and my husband says he'll eat when he's hungry. The only thing I worry about with only the chicken is the taurine issue. I assume there's no taurine in boiled chicken and I've heard that cats eating food without taurine can go blind.
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Boiled chicken if fine for kitties, I feed mine boiled chickens a lot. The Taurine comes when people feed only table scraps (and no dry food) and baby food all the time to cats.

Bladder infections can be pretty painful for cats, so he might be off for a few days. As long as he is eating something, you are ahead of the game. Glad he is better!
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