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HELP! My "outside cat is going to be a mommy soon!

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I have recently moved into a new home and have adopted a stray cat that I have found out is pregnant. There is a problem, any day now she will be giving birth and our neighbors have a dog that is never on a leash. I want to provide a "safe" place for her but don't know how to do it considering this dog constantly chases my cat. Any suggestions would be very helpful! I would like to bring her inside but my fiance does not feel comfortable with that because she is stray and we do not know her history. I have tried to get her in a kennel to take to the vet but that has not happened yet. Please help!
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What a pickle. Do you have a garage or anything? The best option would be to talk him into letting her stay in just one room in the house. If you could get her into a carrier by putting food in it. What concerns exaclty is he having about her coming into the house?
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Do you have other cats besides her (I wasn't sure if you were referring to her as being chased by the dog or to another cat)?

If there aren't any other cats, there shouldn't be a problem getting her inside. Generally speaking, cats don't carry anything that is infectious to humans (rabies being one lethal exception to the rule).

Thank you for trying to help her! I bet she needs all the help she can get.

By the way, I've deleted the other thread you started on the same subject to preven cross-posting.
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Thanks ladies for responding to my concerns. I emailed you both back and I think I might know what I am doing now. Thanks again!
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I'm glad to see that post
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oh, by the way I just want to note to my earlier post that this cat was already living on our property before we moved in. We did not go through adoption procedures. I was reading and thought that it may have been a little confusing as to why we get a cat and not let her come inside.
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Hope you can find a way to protect those kitties. It was very
nice of you to take care of her. My best advice is to
spay/neuter those kitties. There are so many unwanted cats in the world. Hope all goes well!
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