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What would happen to your cat(s) if you died?

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Just wondering....does anyone have A PLAN for their cat(s)...in the event that something would happen that you`d die?
Do you have someone who would take and care for them?
Would you have them PTS if there was`nt anyone you trusted to care for them correctly?
An "Indoor Only" could not be turned loose to fend for themselves. (No cat should have to IMHO)
So what would you chose??? What would YOU do??? Just curious as to what others think.
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If, god forbid, something happens to me... I know DH would take care of the kids.

If, god forbid, something happens to both of us... his mom and my mom would fight over them. But I have said explicitly that my mom should take them because I know DH's mom would declaw them (And you'd think she'd know better - she was a vet tech!!)
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Well as i live with my parents Charlie would keep on living with them here. He would stay indoor but my father would have trouble looking after him as he is short tempered, and when Chuckie wakes up in the morning he likes to meow the house down, dad just yells from the bed for him to shut up. Dad doesn't work. Mum does. So he may have to learn how to actually look after a pet SHOCK

Cleo is with Tristans parents, and i dont know if shed notice that im gone, as i'm only there fortnightly. But apparently she sleep on my pillow and smells around where i put my bag down etc
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We have already arranged where they would go if something happened, unfortunately they would have to be separated, but it has been arranged which cats go together (Bumper and Magnum, Boomer and Scully)
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My husband and daughter will take care of them.
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a complex question but is great....nobody knows.....

If I die, (I mean just me) My wife is a catlover too, of course she going to take care of Milky and Catu...
If boths die, we have the luck that My mom and my fathers in law love the cats too... mom have a Filou ( her cat ) and my fathers in law have to Mopi ( their cat ) we never talk about this topic, But I´m so sure they take care of my childs! why I´m so sure, because when We have to be absents of the city they go to care at the kitts!....

Great question Linda is Innevitable!.....
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If just I died, my boyfriend would take them. If both of us died, I think my parents would take them or find good homes for them. I don't think my parents would want to have 4 cats (they already have 2 of their own).
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My husband and daughter would take care of them... But if something happen to me and my husband,, nobody would take them.. I know it.. My family are anti-cat people.. The worst kind of non cat people.. It's a shame!
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If I died before DH did - he'd keep the pets till they passed away. If we both died, Charlie's breeder would get him back. Our one son might take Ling but if not, we have some other friends that would take her.
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I honestly don't know and its a very scary thought for me. Given that i have 12 leukemia positive cats, there's really not a lot of places for them to go my mom and dad already have 2 non-positives of their own so they couldn't take them
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I already have something worked out with one of my buddies just in case. If something does happen to me then he will try to find a home for them but if no one wants them then he will take them.
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My parents and I are sharing a house right now, with their four cats and my two. If I died, Clyde and Pearl would simply stay with my folks... but if something happened to my mom, god forbid, my father would have to go into a nursing home, and I would have to find a way to live that would allow me to take care of all six cats.

Financially, that would probably mean finding a roommate with a house... I've yet to see an apartment that would allow six kitties!

Your question has made me realize that I need to state my wishes very specifically, because if something happened to both my mom and me, my brother would be in charge of everything, and although I love my brother dearly, I have no illusions about him: he would want nothing to do with the cats. At best, he might think to call the no-kill shelter I volunteer for, rather than the nearest kill shelter.

So I will make a document and give copies to everybody to make it clear that if anything happens to both Mom and me, my brother should call my friend in Rush down in Austin. Rush is my dearest friend and was once my significant other, and he's the one person on earth in whom I have complete faith. He and his family would take care of our cats until he could figure out a good, safe solution that would let the two bonded pairs (Clyde & Pearl, Dylan & Sassy) stay together in loving homes.

He probably wouldn't be able to find a place for Abby, our recluse (Clyde's mom)... and he probably wouldn't be able to part with St. John, our adorable baby of the family. Luckily, Abby actually doesn't seem to mind St. John -- he likes to sneak into her room and visit her -- so they'd be okay together.

Thanks for making me realize this needs to be put in writing! I guess we all need to do that, just in case.

And may none of us ever, ever need those documents.
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I have a very close friend who would gladly take care of Kitty if I were ever to die. She loves Kitty as much as I do.
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Our plan is the girls will stay right here in there home with Daddy (DH) God forbid if both of us were taking then our daughter will take her feline sister's . We all are comfortable with the plan. If need be.
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I dont have anything written down in paper, but I would hope that my mother would let my little sister take care of my cats (she loves them)... As much as my mom likes cats, now... She is very weary of having anymore animals live with her... However i think if that was my dying wish, she would care for my kitties.
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Likely Mom would take on care if she could...

But I have a no kill rescue that would find Zoey a home... Gigi my 11 yr old yorkie I would ask be PTS as she is a one person dog and has liver issues
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My ex-boyfriend would take them. He loves them as much as I do. Our break-up has been like a divorce. Dividing assets has been civil, but just at that line where it could get ugly. The only unselfish thing he did was let me keep the cats. And he didn't do it for me, he did it for them. He said he knew they loved me more, and separating them from eachother or me would hurt them more than it would make me miserable or him happy. Nice huh? In a twisted way.
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My girls would stay here with DH or they'd go to my parents. They'd be well cared for there, just have to adjust to thier 3 cats and 2 dogs! When my parent's get old enough that they aren't able to be our backup plan we'll have to revise that! I do know one of my friends would be fabulous with them, but at the moment she's not financially able to care for 2 cats so I guess she can be our backup's backup!
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I guess we should talk about this, but my sister and I assume that we'd do that for each other. If something happened to me, she'd take Zissou, if something happened to her and her husband, I would take hers. Heaven forfend!

I did already offer if her one flipped out too much about all the recent changes, and was unable to live with a baby, I would take him. He's a stressball, but doing okay. Luckily.
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well some of my 24 are a bit hard to handle(exferals) so those I wouldn't expet my mom to handle. the others...about 10 could be easily adopted out(age/health wise...far as homes for adults(all in the 1yo-3 yo range) it is doable but might take a little longer. and the rest of the gang she would easily keep.
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If something was to happen to me, then my DH would look after them as his just as crazy about cats as i am.
If something was to happen to the both of us then my sister and my mum would make sure they found wonderfull homes and will not be put on the street.
Some my sister would take in , some my mum would but some may have to be rehomed to strangers (home checked). they know what they mean to me, his mum on the other hand thinks i have far to many and that i should rehome at least 10 of them now to put me at 3. but thats another story.
And hopefully my children will be older and may home some of them also.
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I've already talked to my parents about this possibility (most people don't know when it's going to be their last day on Earth).

Loki and Possum are not to be separated. My family is one who thinks cats should be kept indoors, so that's not a problem. Either my Mom or Dad will take the boys. It would depend on their situations at the time. Neither are the type of people who would fight over them; they would come to a mature decision that is best for all (including the cats) involved.

I'd have my sister take them, but she already has a dog and 2 cats, herself. If that changes (god forbid) then she could be considered in the future. I don't think my father is a good candidate at the moment because he has our dog, who is quite a handful. She's 16, and I don't think it would be fair to introduce 2 new animals into her life. I also think it would be hard on Dad.

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my sister, the executor of my will, is responsible for seeing that they're taken care of. there's a portion of money set aside for their care, as well.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
my sister, the executor of my will, is responsible for seeing that they're taken care of. there's a portion of money set aside for their care, as well.
Now can you help us who arent sure how ?? to set aside funds for them.. how you did it??
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If something happened to us my sister or my parents would take my Limerick. I would rather my parents but my dad hates him. My sister has a cat that Limerick doesn't quite like. DH thinks it's because Limerick knows something is wrong with him. He is blind in one eye. But my landlord required someone local take him, so we named his parents. I'm not too happy about it because their cat Sara hates other cats.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Now can you help us who arent sure how ?? to set aside funds for them.. how you did it??
well, i wrote my will thru legacywriter.com. there was a section about pets. this is what the printed version i received says, tho: "I give my pets to my sister, [name] along with $5,000, for the purpose of providing care for my pet. the caretakers must provide a caring home for my pet. She must continue any & all medications my pet is receiving, & must provide for any medications or treatments my petmay need in the future. She must also continue regularly scheduled vet visits for preventative healthcare maintenance. If the caretaker fails or is otherwise unable to provide my pet with this standard of care, both my pet & the $5,000 shall be divested & given to my niece, [name]. If my pet[s] does not survive me, no property or cash shall pass under this article."
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Assuming my husband and I both died, our kitties and our daughter would go live with my oldest sister.
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Both of my boys will go to my parents. I made sure of that even before I got them! My Mom has 2 cats already, but they've recently met and all get along really well together, which is a big plus. I know it'll be a houseful for my Mom, but she'd love it too...
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Just a little side note while we're on the topic of our plans in the event one of us passes on. Please everyone be sure to have a Living Will with detailed wishes for your animals in the event that you don't die- but your are hospitalized for an unknown amount of time and won't be able to care about them. Having a Living Will is just as important as a regular one!
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Since I still live with my family, they would take care of them. Even if I didn't live at home I know they'd take them in.
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