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Revolution,Frontline or Advantage?PLEASE advise me.

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Revolution claims they also treat earmites as well as the this true?
I suspect the new kitten may have them as well as the fleas all 3 cats are beginning to show signs of.
Last year when I used Frontline it took each cat a 1 month dose for 3 months in a row to get rid of them. After talking to someone at the Frontline Co. I found out that it does take that long to completely break the cycle of the fleas life....whether you spay and SUPER clean your house or NOT.
Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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Yes Revolution kills earmites. And yes it takes 3 months to stop the flea cycle.
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Thanks you for responding to my to find a vet that carries REVOLUTION....mine always gives me Frontline.
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Revolution also supposedly kills worms too I can't remember what kind not tape I know, maybe round and hook as far as just straight flea meds I really prefer the advantage anyway, not too mention its cheaper
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I always used to use frontline, I liked it. But when I got Ryu I tried Revolution and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
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I used Revolution because
1) it is cheaper than Frontline
2) it kills earmites, round/hookworms, & is a heartworm preventative

Although. Molly had earmites(which is the big reason I chose Revolution). Just using Revoltuion doesn't help much, you have to actually clean out their ears, too.
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I use De flea for Zoey ... but Gigi gets Frontline( vet had a blow out special and no cat ) .... Frontline is not found in the blood stream of protected animals the others are ....
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I have used only Frontline for years, since that's what my vet recommends. I had also read that it's the safest one available. It seems to be losing its effectiveness for my cats this year, so I am switching to Advantage. I wouldn't use Revolution unless I had a cat that needed treatment for all the things it covers.
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I'm a Revolution fan!
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I've always used Advantage to kill the fleas on my cats, and it's always been effective. But most of the cat-lovers here swear by the Revolution - not just for fleas, but also for earmites, ticks, & worms. I think I'll take the "experts'" advice and give the Revolution a try!

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