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This is so frustrating. Ruby has some fleas and although she is on Sentinel Spectrum (all round worming and flea treatment) and has never missed a dose, she seems to have picked up some hitch-hiker fleas from somewhere. According to our vet, most dogs and cats have fleas at some time or another - or most of the time - and they are never bothered by them because their regular medication keeps them under control. But, he said, now and again they can develop an allergy to the flea bites and that's when it becomes a problem.

This is what has happened with Miss Ruby. We noticed her scratching a bit but thought it couldn't be fleas because of her Sentinel. After three days she was getting quite despondent so we took her to the vet and aaargh! He found a flea! I had looked quite thoroughly on her but I guess I don't have a vet's eyes...lol. He said she had a bit of allergic dermatitis and put her on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. We got her some Frontline Plus and I rang the company that makes Sentinel (Novartis) and they sent us out some specialist extra killer flea adulticide called Capstar.

Today we bombed the house and washed all the sheets and bedding and their bedding and blankets in hot water and disinfectant. The house is spotless, the dogs had a special flea bath this afternoon, and Ruby has been on her antibiotics and flea treatment for a week.

She is still scratching and itching and I just gave her a belly rub and her poor tummy is so red. I don't know what to do. She is feeling wretched, and we are doing everything we can. She is on medication, we've eradicated the house fleas, we're treating both dogs, they haven't been out to the river or any of their other places - just regular daily walks - and they have daycare tomorrow and I'm really paranoid that she's just going to pick up more fleas there.

Can anyone help???!!! I'm a bit desperate at this point...
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When our adopted puppy was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange the vet gave us some aloe and oatmeal shampoo that seemed to give her some relief from the extreme itching while we treated her. Maybe try something like that? I think the brand is Vet Solutions.

He is sure fleas are the cause of the problem, right? Maybe I’m paranoid, but if I had any doubts I wouldn’t send her to daycare.
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