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What exactly is a tracking cookie?
Where does one come from?
And what does that do to my "privacy" level on my computer?

I'm still paranoid & wanna check out my credit card online, but won't use this computer. It would be nice to be able to check out my credit card again! But, then I saw I have 3 tracking cookies on my scan of my computer tonight, so now I'm all again! I'm afraid to log onto my college website to check out the classes, either!

Thanks guys! Can ya tell I'm slightly lost?
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cookies, are bits of text sent from a server to your pc
they can be used to authentic you, track, keep infor on you.
its not a bad habit to delate them often, as some can be used, to track what you do on the web.
but if you have passwords saved for a site and delte that cookiee, i hope you remember your password.

but 99% of them are small bits of data, that are harmless

this is copy of the cookie from national geographic.
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as for 3 tracking cookies
just delete them,
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OK. I will probably run a scan nightly & delete any cookies I find! Just to be safe.....
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I also wouldn't suggest saving passwords for sentative sites (like banks etc.) unless they are on a password protected computer and even then I hesitate.
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The only passwords I was saving were for forums. That's it. But now I am deleting my entire browsing history every time I get off the comp, so I don't even bother saving them anymore!
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