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Just updating

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Hi all and thanks again for all you love and help!!!!!i found a resuce cat that no one had wanted for about a year. she had been saved from a kill shelter but her foster parents were at the end of the rope. she doesn't like dogs, cats, people etc so she was kinda hard to place. i believe that we can all learn to get along! i have a very small going bald pom, and a handicappped maine coon, and now our new addition aside from her i dont likes have been added acne under her chin. i know the feeling about declawing and dont want to start a war. my maine coon was declawed when i got her. my new kitty is 3 years old and they didnt know what they were goin to do with her, after a year fur was still flyin in the foster. and i have a skin condition which 1 slight scratch turns into a mess.1 small scratch from my dog has lasted 4 months and i lost most of the skin on my entire arm for that little scratch. so now i'm back to the decition that drives my crazy..to declaw or not. she has already made lots of pin pricks on my arms and loves stretching up and running her claws down my legs.we know this isnt my first cat, i have cat trees, cat poles, scratch boxes everywhere, but mom's body seems to be her fav spot. i don't want to scare her away, her life has been rough enough.
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Well, IMO declawing will make her behavior worse. And also, if you delcaw her, she's more likely to bite, which is more likely to get icky, esp. on you(bites often get infected more than scratches). Declawing will not only be painful & inhumane, but it will affect her mentally. Did you know declawed cats are more likely to bite? Have "out of the box" experiences? What happens if she slips outside & is attacked?

What about Soft Paws www.softpaws.com. Yes, they really do work. Can't you also clip her nails? I do mine, even the ones who bite with every clip.
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