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Funny little behavior

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I was just setting the Wii up to play a game, and the second I turned the thing on and changed the channel, my boy started making these odd noises as he stared me down! He made the clicking noise like he does when there are birds and squirrels outside and then he started a high pitched whine and walked away from me. I've noticed this a couple times before... it's very strange. I wonder what he's trying to tell me? He gets enough attention, he has his food for the night, I'm just taking some 'me time' before bed. Sometimes he'll even jump on the coffee table and stick his face in mine while I play. He's a little oddball... Does anyone else's feline companion do these silly off-the-wall things?
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Not specifically, but when I was with my ex, he had the old school original nintendo hooked up at my apartment and when I'd play duck hunt, Oliver would try to hunt the birds on the screen! Haha... nothin like trying to aim through a pair of cat ears
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I figured not specifically... I just thought it was silly and wondered if anyone else's cat did anything silly when they decided to sit down and do something...

Another example is when I read he'll sometimes jump onto the book and check it out, look at the pages, sit on it.

It's hard to bring papers home to grade because if I have a pile on the couch, he'll check them out and jump on them... that's another time he stares me down... just sits there and watches as I go from paper to paper, if only he could take a pile and help

He's just quirky like that...
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Oliver's one to obstruct whatever you're trying to read as well... I just graduated college and my last semester was unusally tough (my advisor mis-imformed me on what classes I needed the semester before so my last semester was stacked with 400-level major courses) - anyhow, it required A LOT of reading and paper writing... my desk had one of those pull out trays for my keyboard so i'd use the actual desk to lay out needed reading materials - well Oliver likes to lie under the desk lamp to "sun" himself... I swear he increased the time it took me to write papers 3 times over! "My cat was sitting on my research material" does not cut it as an excuse to the head of the German department when your final paper (which your graduation depends on!) is due!
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So that is what I have to look forward to when I start Grad School in the Fall It seems that when we do something that requires a bit of concentration, they decide they are troublemakers, yet, I am sitting and doing nothing now and he is laying down all nice and just relaxing...
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My cats are obsessed with tiger woods on the wii, they love all the bird sounds in the background and will claw at the tv trying to get the ball.
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