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Worried Mommy

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Parker, my 2 year old, just vomitted. I read the posts in this section that seemed to be on a similar topic but nothing seemed similar to how she is. She's never had a problem eating fast and I don't think it's a food allergy. I rotate foods so they'll (I have 11 month old as well)not get picky. She's currently eating Iams anti hairball which we started about 1 1/2 wk ago and she's had before. The only people food I give them is some turkey deli meat (maybe twice a month).

The vomit was slightly green (but the food's not) and doesn't look like a hairball issue. She had not eaten for at least 2 hours before this happened. Had her for almost a year and this is new.

Her eyes are clear and her nose is only slightly moist. Haven't yet notice a change in her behavior.

I was just sick with a bad cold could she have caught it from me?

I know I sound neurotic but she's my baby! If you guys can give me some insight, great. Otherwise, I'll call the vet tomorrow (today in New Years Day).

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I would watch her as well. If she is an inside/outside cat she could of ate a mouse or found a bug tucked in the corner somewhere.

A couple of ways you can check for danger are:

Take her temperature- her normal temp should be 100.5 to 102.5 farenheit.

Gently grap her scruff of the neck with two fingers and pinch gently then release. Does the scruff stay up or does it go down? When it stands up on it own, she is getting dehydrated and needs sub cu fluids quickly (meaning vet visit)

Open her mouth, and take your finger and quickly press it against her gums and release. Does the color stay the same where you finger is? Or is it faded? another vet vist time, if it does not stay the same color.

You can also give her some Pedialyte to help her replenish fluids she might of lost if she continues vomiting.
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Thanks! I checked for all the things mentioned and it all looks all right. No more throwing up. Maybe she licked the plates I left in the sink last night. (Yes, I put them in the dishwasher like a good girl) She ate my only plant a few months ago (non-poisonous of course) and never goes outdoors to get access to anything out there.

She's been drinking some water so I'm less worried about the dehydration.

I'll keep watching her and keep her out of my bedroom when I'm gone tomorrow (throw up on the bed or clothes not appealing).

Hopefully just a one time thing.

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