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Adult Cats

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I got Loki at 2 years, and Possum at 1 1/2 years. Now, I know those ages are not that long out of kittenhood (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but I don't think I'll ever adopt a kitten based on them. I think a kitten might make me nuts (Loki and Possum already do that well enough at their "advanced ages") with all their energy and need. When I was looking for a cat originally I was looking for a young cat about 1 or slightly younger. I ended up considering Loki because his age was listed incorrectly by the Humane Society on the Pet Harbor website.

My sister's cats are about 5 and 6 and they are just as wonderful. If I could I would totally steal them from her!

I'm not saying I'll never get a kitten, but right now I'm exceedingly happy with older cats.

Anybody else out there primarily "Adults Only"?

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For the most part.

My first cat Shadow was given to me when she was a wee kitten, but I couldn't keep her and had to rehome her a few months later.

Gem was a stray. Not sure how old, but definitely not a kitten, maybe 1 year old when I took her in.

Toby was 10 years old when I adopted her from her original Daddy. He got more busy with work and felt it unfair to leave her home alone for so many hours in the day.

Kira I adopted as a wee kitten.

Chynna was about 1 year old when she adopted me. She's 15 years old now

Abby came to live with me when she was 4 months old. She's 9 years old now.

So I guess I'm an equal opportunity kitty lover! Kittens or adults
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Not really. I love how kittens are so unaware of what they're doing and how they pounce on everything! I remember when Moonlight was a kitten he would chase his tail for HOURS on the stairs in the middle of the night! It was so funny! I also like adult cats though, how they're so cuddly, and more bonded with people. Both have their pros and cons.

Edit: We got Moonlight at 10 weeks, from a breeder.
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If I'm adopting from the shelter, I always seem to pick (or get picked by) the adult cats, like Mischief and Trace. But, the ones that I find (or vice versa) always seem to be kittens.

I'm kind of half and half
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I always go for adult cats. WAAYYYY too often I've had to choose adults to kill because no one else will adopt them. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's the truth!
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We got Oberon (stray) and Lily (shelter) as adult cats. We got Sparkle as a kitten from the shelter, and OMG she was a holy terror (still is). She was into everything and had to be watched constantly so she wouldn't hurt herself! It was exactly like having a baby. She also has a prima donna attitude that the other two never had.

The only other kitten I've had was Diana, who was just a couple of weeks old, washed up in a flood, and crawled to my doorstep. She was too ill and too little to get into mischief, and she grew up to be a very calm and loving cat. I miss Diana.
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Mutty came into my life when I was 9 as a little bitty kitten and I had forgotten what kittens were truly like when Sophie came along to us at five weeks.


Lily came to us as a stray adult and is better behaved than both of my original babies (spoiled brats!!).
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For the most part, I go for the adult cats, especially the senior cats over 8 years old.

I adopted two (actually One chose me, and I chose the other one) from the shelter the same day (they are/were Sphinx - He was 15 years old when he chose me but sadly he passed away from cancer in 2004 and Kuce - she was 9 years old and is now 14 years old). They are perhaps the two sweetest cats so far - save for maybe Luvbug (who is going through a mid-life crisis.) *snickers*

Our other adult cat is Luvbug - who was a stray at 4 years old or so when he chose us. He's now 7 years old or so.

The only exception is Lil' Jag. She was 3.5 months old when we rescued her from the tire well of our car.
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