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If you plan to reincarnate..

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"If you plan to reincarnate, please apply now for a permit....apply within!"

I know that the Chinese people are just like people everywhere, hard working, love their families, trying to make enough to get by in this world we live in, etc.

But the Chinese government must be made up of some real genius'. It is now required to for monks that plan to reincarnate to obtain a permit to do so

China tells Tibet's living Buddist monks to apply for reincarnation permits
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I'm sorry but that is just STUPID! No one can tell you how you plan to leave, or come back to this world!!!
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first if they really did there jobs as a monk, they would not need to come back,
and, well i think china abuse of tibet is already out there
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I am absolutely flabbergasted. At first, I thought this had to be a joke... and even now, I'm looking for some other reason behind it, because the stated one just surpasses all understanding. Is this the Chinese government's way of getting a nice neat registry of devoutly religious Tibetans, maybe?

One just despairs.

Excuse me -- I actually have more to say on the subject, but I have to go fill out some paperwork for the spiritual epiphany I'm planning to have next week...

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Um... I need a permit? But, what if my soul gets caught up in a mess of paperwork and I come back as :gasp: a lady bug?
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i am struck speechless on this one....i mean what rational, logical person comes up with this idea? And how rational is the person that approves of this in government.
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O, Good Grief.... Red tape is everywhere.
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All this is is more religious persecution and intimidation. We REALLY need to stop supporting their economy. None of the people who need to money see a cent of it anyway.
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Maybe the Chinese government officials got a hold of the tainted pet food or people food or are playing with highly toxic toys (lead paint)?????

And what happens if you are not "approved" to be reincarnated?

That has to get the #1 Stupidest People Award!
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Oh my, there goes the Chinese government again with the religious persecution in Tibet. It's really sad.

Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
first if they really did there jobs as a monk, they would not need to come back,
It's true that if a monk (or anyone else) reaches enlightenment, they can stop the cycle of reincarnation and the suffering associate with life and death. However, many choose to be reincarnated anyway in order to help others overcome suffering.
I'm not familiar with the specifics of the Tibetan living Buddhas, but I assume that that's what they do.

Just so you know.
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This has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. What's next? "If you are going to be in a traffic accident, please inform you insurance agency 24 hours prior to the accident."
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Tiger, that's already happening! Go see "Sicko," Michael Moore's documentary on American healthcare -- one of the stories told is about a person who was in an accident and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. The so-called insurance company refused to pay for the ambulance ride because it had not been pre-approved!

And actually, I've known a couple of people myself who've had to fight that battle, either for ambulance transport coverage or to get the emergency care itself covered. In one case, the insurance company acknowledged that if the man had not gone to the ER immediately, he would have been permanently blinded in one eye -- but they still refused to pay because the ambulance ride had not been pre-approved!

It's just astonishing the depths to which these people will sink. I don't know how they sleep at night.

(Hijack over, high horse dismounted.)
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Oh, jeez, what if they get run over by a bus while on their way to file the paperwork?!

I also think the world needs to stop dealing with China until they change all of the horrible things they do.

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