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Feline luk/vet questions

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One of our cats before we got him, came from a mom who is a stray/ the father is unknown and mom was rescued from the street. However the woman who rescued did not test him/the rest of the litter or the queen for this disease. I had him outside without a Luk vac, because he was watched on a harness and leash. Now looking back ( he's indoor now because of flea meds) I wonder if I should test him for this diseae? Is it possible that he was born with it as a kitten or picked it up from her milk?

Can cats wth this disease have no signs or health issues?

Wouldn't I have known by now if he was postive.

hes got to go to the vet anyway because he has a bald patch on his chin from paying with Leopalorn/ If hes vacanated for rabies (1year) on sep 30th, would it be dangerous for him to get another rabies shot now?
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I would ask the breeder if the parents were tested ... and Yes if you can find the money test the other one thou at this pt likely he is fine... PLEASE dont give another rabies unless the first was given under 8 weeks of age( that is a dog thing so kitty shot experts tell me if I am correct)
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There is NO breeder Sharky this was the result of an unplaned wild mating, his father is unknown and mom was abandoned. The woman who rescued her did not test mom or the kits. Bindi ( cat I'm worried about) is now 13/14 months old. An adult with no health issues other then the bare spot on his chin. He hasnt been vacenated for this disease and was outdoors on a leash mom was found preg but had her kits inside with multiple cats/ and a dog

Leopalorn however was a purebred from a reputable breeder he did not have contact with any cat with this disease.
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Bindi is fixed.
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I would say if he had it from a kitten he probably would not be alive today, but for peace of mind have him tested if you are worried. I don't believe in giving the FELV vaccines - only testing them.

And no need to be giving him another rabies shot already - you can wait another year or two - I want to have all mine (cats and dogs) on a 3 yr vaccination set up. Ling just got her set today; Charlie and Keno are due the end of the year. So all of them will be on a 3 yr schedule from now on.
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Okay I will have him looked at and tested, why isnt it good to get the Feline Luk vac?

Leopalorn is thriving and I found out he loves raw rabbit kidneys and liver, plus fat and bit of the raw meat/ That was his lunch today.
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IT is ineffective at best ... WORSE the cats on occasion will get it or test POSITIVE if tested by someone not knowing they were vaccinated

Remember as an FYI to attempt to keep raw meals a few hours away from dry or wet food meals ( I try for 5-6 hours )
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If it gives you peace of mind then I would get him tested, there is a possibility that he may have it. I have 2 positive sisters that are approximately 20 months old and both of them have basically had the disease since birth and they have never been sick. they are perfectly gorgeous, healthy looking kitties

as far as the leukemia vaccine, like Sharky said, it is as best ineffective and if your kitties are not regularly exposed to stray cats than it is not necessary, it is only passed thru close contact with positive cats, such as mutual grooming and sharing litterboxes or food/water bowls. As far as it giving a false positive, that is not necessarily true, that is more for the FIV vax
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As I understand it, the FeLV vaccination is only about 85% effective so doesn't offer complete protection, and there is a higher risk of post-vaccination extreme allergic reactions and injection-site sarcoma (a type of cancer that develops where the vaccine is given) than for the other routine vaccinations given to cats.

I know that in the UK some Siamese and Oriental lines have a higher risk towards severe/fatal reactions to the FeLV vaccination and many breeders include in their contract that their kittens are a) kept indoors and b) never given the FeLV vaccine for safety reasons.

Have the test done if it will give you peace of mind, as the length of time they can remain symptomless varies between individuals due to a number of factors.
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