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The ride home from work today...

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was kind of interesting, kind of scary. Our car started making a funny noise on the interstate while traveling around 75mph. I had heard the noise before once while I was driving a couple months ago, but it had gone away. While hearing it though, I kept thinking the tire would blow out. Never in my life have I had a tire blow out, but thats what I kept thinking of.

My fiance was driving, and we heard a louder noise. He gripped the wheel tighter was like "What the...?!?" We were in the left lane, I said "maybe a tire blew?" He said he thought so. We got to the shoulder and saw this:

(We took this picture after we got home).

The SCDOT stopped and had a jack and an aircompressor on their truck to get the lug nuts off and help put the donut tire on. Ironically, just yesterday Rob said "these Kuhmo tires are pretty good, I like them." AND I had been looking at that tire before we headed home from his job. Nothing seemed wrong, but it still grabbed my attention.

It wasnt AS scary as I always thought a blowout would be, but woo, I think any time I hear that noise I'll be prepared for the worst! Now we have to buy a new tire, ack. Always gotta be something!
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I'm so glad your fiance could control the car and nothing happened to either one of you! I had a blow out once but the tire was completely bald and I had lots of warning ahead of time...front end shimmying, fighting the steering wheel, etc (we're talking about a few weeks of warning!). It looks like something may have actually cut your tire, or weakened it enough to cause a blow out.
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Wow that is some blow out! I'm glad you are O.K. What did the funny noise sound like?
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My dad (a mechanic of 45 years) said the air was probably low in the tire, because it was REALLY hot to touch the rubber after it blew. It didnt look low, it must have gotten low while driving - although only for 5 miles.

It was kind of a deep noise coming from the back of the car out of nowhere. The last time I heard it, it had gone away. This time it went away ... after a tire went out.
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