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New fur family

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I have taken these cats in because they were left behind when their previous owners moved. I can't imagine why they would leave behind these precious babies except for the fact that they didn't spend any time with them. They are pretty wild right now (I have the scratches to prove it). There is not a spot of color on any of them and I am thinking that they are all deaf (one kitten for sure).

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Oh my gosh they are beautiful!!! Bless you for taking them in!!!
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Oh, they're beautiful!! Is that the mother right there? Such a pretty cat
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They're gorgeous. Are they mum & kittens? What are you going to do with them? I'm thinking of your kitties.
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They are mom and kittens. I am hoping to socialize them and keep at least one or maybe all
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Pretty babies it is good that you are taking care of them,
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oh gosh they are just gorgeous!! good luck with their socialization poor dears are probably terrified! If you need advice on deaf kitties, PM white cat lover, she has 2 deaf kitties
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what a beautiful bunch of kitties! Thank goodness you were around to take them in!
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They are just beautiful!! I can't imagine anybody leaving such precious babies!!
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How anyone can leave such beautiful babies to fend for themselves is just beyond all my comprehension! Bless you for taking them in. They look terrified now, but I am sure with plenty of love and TLC from you they will be fine in no time.
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Many years ago I was told by a vet that the majority of pure white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Although, I have had 2 white cats with blue eyes, one was deaf but the other (Jealous, now 16 years old) can hear just fine. I would recommend only one thing. Keep the babies inside, for good or if you can't, find homes that will assure you they won't go outside. It would be for their own protection. Their spunk will calm eventually. They only need to gain your trust. They are beautiful babies, mom and babies both!!
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MY Chloe is 3 years old, I rescued her from a shelter in Jan. She is pure white with one blue eye and one green eye, she is not deaf...she can hear a pin drop. I never heard of white cats being deaf, what is the reason? Does anyone know? It is great that u took them in. I hope you find good homes for them. Good Luck!
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I got them all to eat out of my hands today and the momma let me brush her hair a little. I don't want to risk holding them yet, I would hate for them to get loose in the house. They are warming up though. I am pretty sure the little one with blue eyes is deaf. She doesn't wake up when I approach the cage like the others do. I think I will keep her because I can't stand to think about what might happen if someone let her outside.
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they are soooo pretty! I have a white cat, shes isnt deaf but she had a gray spot on her head when she was a kitten. I'm sure you will get them to love you!
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