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More Ivo antics...

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I have a large closet, off of my living room, that I use for storage. You can enter it through the living room or the bathroom. I keep the doors shut, because I don't want Ivo getting stuck in there. However, if I'm in there, I'll let her come in and sniff around.

This morning, I was in the bathroom when I heard Ivo making her sad whiny "I want to go through this door" meow. I looked to the front door, but couldn't see her. I opened the closet door, to find her trying to open the other door

She used her paws to try and lever it open, and at one point got the door open enough to stick her head through. She couldn't force it open any further, and when she took her head out, it shut again. For a few minutes, she was trying to cram her head through a two inch opening. I was laughing so hard at her!

Finally, she got the door open and stepped into the closet. The door swung shut behind her and she freaked out. She dashed through the door I was watching her through, out the bathroom door and behind the couch. Hopefully, that will teach her to stay out of the closet!
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They are so determined! My cats open the sliding doors all the time. And we call them dumb animals!
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That's cute! :laughing:
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LOL!!! I can totally picture it!

I'm constantly amazed at how smart and persistent cats are. Sheldon has learned how to hook his paw under the little edge of the shower stall door and pull it open. It really takes a little muscle on his part - he's good!

And Lazlo loves the bathroom so much (some of you may have seen pictures of The Bathroom Cat) we cleared out one of the cabinets there for him to hang out in. But he does get shut in there accidentally on occasion, so I spent a few minutes each day for a couple of weeks (using treats) teaching him how to open it himself. The handle is very easy to push, but I had to teach him to hop up on the toilet (and Gary's actually SO GOOD about keeping the lid shut!), then he has to lean up against the wall with one paw and push the handle with the other.

I don't know if he does it or not. I just know that he hasn't cried to be let out of the bathroom for several weeks now.... so.... ?????

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LOL too cute! The only thing I've been able to teach Roo to do is stand up on his hind legs as far as he can stand to bunt my face. But he only does this when he wants food, or a treat. I'll get the toilet training thing one day! LOL
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