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RAW cat food.

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I'm curious here because I saw this mentioned in other posts and so I looked it up myself.


Would your cats willingly eat that, no problem? I'm only asking because Merf...well, won't eat anything that resembles people food.

I mean, I have given her pieces of chicken from time to time, and she looks at it, sniffs it, then turns her back and walks away. I got her some "natural" kitty treats once...they looked like freeze dried sardines and she wouldn't touch them.

Does anyone's cat enjoy freeze dried sardines?

(I'll admit...she's an oddball. Once she caught a mouse right in front of me, and sat and licked it. It got away...later she caught it again and just licked it. so you see what i'm dealing with here. )

OH yeah! and with that RAW stuff, do you really give it to them perfectly raw, as the name suggests?
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Today I fed my fourmonth old kitten, Leopalorn, raw rabbit liver and kidneys he also got some fatty cuts and bits of meat, then some hamburger/ raw of cource/

If you start them early as kitens they will take to it very well. But do your research those were 'treats' only he aslo gets a raw pre made diet.
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Originally Posted by benthicat View Post
OH yeah! and with that RAW stuff, do you really give it to them perfectly raw, as the name suggests?
Well, yes of course, else there wouldn't be any point, would there? And it's much easier if you make it yourself. If you're really interested, there's an excellent thread in this forum: The Raw Feeding Chronicles
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Raw is very good for cats but if done wrong with the wrong cats ( older/diseased/ lower immune /FIV/( sim to HIV in humans) It can kill.

Remember to aid meaty bones, organs and muscle meat and powders to help wih minarles ect., Sharky is VERY good with this sort of thing. I did it personally because I think its a fun treat and Somalis ( his breed) can have tooth issues.

Cats on RAW are VERY healthy!
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Raw is VERY GOOD but PLEASE FIND a vet with knowledge or willing to learn with you
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