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Lady has over 200 cats!

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I just read about the lady with the 130 cats (Waaaay Toooo many in one flat!....but I know one that can top that.
There is a WEALTHY lady who lives in my Mom`s town who has built a pole barn with a BIG outdoor enclosure with a huge tree in it. Each cat has it`s own bed and litter box and bowls.
Whenever she takes in a new stray she has a part of the pole barn that has seperate sections to quarntine them until they have been seen , tested and treated, S/N by her vets.
She does home some out....but she is VERY picky about who gets them. She actually interviews the people IN THEIR HOMES and asks for refferences...AND does a follow up afterwards. She makes them sign a paper that if for any reason they decide they can`t keep the cat that she will be notified so that she can take it back. (Not really sure how legally binding it is though)
She also has a few in her house...and I`ve heard that her house is extreemly clean and ALL the cats are well cared for. It is what she spends all of her life doing....caring for and loving these cats. (She has a maid who cleans her house and paid "help" to do the chores of cleaning litter and feeding and watering the cats.She`s also hired people to come in just to help her give attention to the cats .She even has gardeners who keep up her lawn and flowers....and has left a lot of $$$$$$ to care for the cats that are left if anything happens to her until they can find homes for them.
I`ve only seen the place from the outside driving past...but it is IMPRESSIVE (to say the least!)
My Mom said they even did an article in their local paper with lots of COLORED pictures. (That must have cost a lot of $ too.....I wonder if she paid for it?!?!)
There are horders....and then there are people who have the love and the bucks to have that many and be responsible about it.....Me? I can only afford the 3 I have!
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Wow that is definitely impressive.

Haha I'm with you, we can afford the cats we have and that's about it.
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Wow, that is so many cats I couldn't even imagine it!

I always joke that someday I'm going to be that crazy cat lady with like 50 cats in her house.... but 200! I couldn't even imagine!!!!
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Good for her, she must be one eccentric lady.
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.... oh the vet bills....
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Wow I would love to tour her house!
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Wow I would love to tour her house!
I`d love to tour her CAT POLE BARN!!!! Just think of all the "lovins" you`d be able to pass out there!!! :-)
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Go to

This is the real life crazy cat lady. She lives with 130 cats.
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The 130 cats lady doesn't seem like a very good thing to me. They are all jumping over each other and don't have any room to run!! I guess it works for some people, but THAT just seems mean for the cats. It looks like an overrun shelter.
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The person in the OP sounds like she's really running a private rescue, and more power to her. If I had the means, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. Lord knows I've gone out of my way for more than a few lost souls when I could.

The person in the video is a hoarder. That is not what is best for her cats, even if the floor did look clean. She fails.

Some people don't have the ability to responsibly care for one cat, some are able to care for hundreds.
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Where does the wealthy lady live?

I would be great to work with an organization that always has enough money to do what needs doing for the kitties. Maybe when I retire I'll move there and help out! I'm only half kidding...
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I agree this lady has a cat recue....MUCH different than the lady that was just hoarding them.
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How do these cats get attention though.. That many animals.. One person can't give that much love to that many.. Can they? My two are needy enough.. LOL
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
How do these cats get attention though.. That many animals.. One person can't give that much love to that many.. Can they? My two are needy enough.. LOL
Oh no! She does`nt do it all herself. No one person could give enough attention to that many cats.From my understanding she hires quite a few people to help her.
Like I`ve said...I`ve only seen if from the outside and was really impressed (and I`m not too easily impressed) I`d love to go inside ...and I may see when I`m up to my Mom`s again if she knows someone who personally knows this woman and would see if she can 'get me in" If I do...and she does`nt mind...I`ll see if she`ll let me take some pictures too. If so then I`ll post them (if someone will refresh my memory as how to do that on here.)
This woman lives here in Michigan.....not sure if she`d want me to disclose the name of the town or not.(???)
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I was ready to jump in here with the "that's just WRONG to have over 200 cats in once place" after reading the title. That's such a nice story though, you sure made me change my response! She must be a very happy and caring person.
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