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Vets that really care ...

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Well as you know Arnie had to be PTS last week.

Our vet, Dr Weiss, is who we saw when we took him in on Thursday was going on holiday that night and didn't get back till yesterday. One of her colleagues did the surgery on Arnie on the Friday when he was PTS.

Well yesterday afternoon I get a call from Dr Weiss, and she was just calling to say how sorry she was and how she wished she could have helped him more.

I also spoke to her about Winston and I said we needed to bring him in because of his runs, but John didn't get home till 730pm every day (he has a 140 mile round trip commute to work) and I couldn't drive over here. So she said she would package some meds up for Winston and leave them in the mail box so we could pick them up when John got home!

How lovely and caring is that? It was so totally unexpected and I have never experienced anything like that in England.

I think it is so nice when a vet goes that extra mile and show that they really do care about your pet and they are not "just another animal/dollar"

For all the lovely vets out there!
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I for one firmly believe that animals bring out the best in people.
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How nice
there are some realllly good vetds out there tho

when I lost my horse the vets were so nice
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