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Cat having trouble pooping helllp

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Hey, I am wondering my bf's cat diamond who is around six years old or about.....she in these past two or three days has been having trouble not sure about urination....we can see her going in the litter box numerous times throughout the day for two to three days straight now...she is constantly seen going back and forth to the litter box and i believe i saw her poop a bit two days ago and the rest of the times it is nothing she squats and nothing comes of it and she seems more lethargic, and doesn't seem that interested in food, she pecked at some food yesterday but did not really eat eat...and does drink water...she was shaking a little last nite and normally she is ok looking....we are super worried about her and am not sure what could be wrong with her,,,,can anyone shed some light on this issue??
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Well if she's constipated I guess there's not to much room for food, or it might give her tummy ache to eat.

Maybe the shakes are from lack of food/low blood sugars, like in humans?

I always get worried when a cat stops eating because they can go down hill so fast.

Sorry, I don't really have an answer other then to be better safe and sorry and speak to the vet.

Hope kitty gets better !
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The constant trips to the litter box could also be a sign of UTI (urinary tract infection). She may be having trouble urinating and/or urination could be painful for her. Although urinary tract blockages from crystals are more common in male cats in can happen with a female. That becomes a medical emergency. She should be seen by the vet ASAP.

Good luck and positive thoughts to you and Diamond.
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What happens if its not a uti but a poo it also bad? she just now was laying in the litter for a few minutes then got out
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WELCOME TO THE STORY OF MY LIFE! I just started a thread about constipation several days ago. My cat, Buster, also has a history of constipation. My recommendation to you is to visit a vet ASAP! Your cat may need an enema to remove the obstruction. The longer it sits in the colon, the more likely it will stretch it and perhaps lead to megacolon. Talk to your vet about these symptoms if the constipation returns after an enema.

I've been dealing with this problem since March and I've inadvertantly become an expert.
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My cat was doing this awhile ago and it was a UTI. Whatever the problem might be though, she should definitely see a vet ASAP.
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What a coincidence...My Kitty just had the exact same problem. Usually she's very regular and poops once a day in the evening, but she hadn't gone in three or four days. I was going to call the vet tomorrow if she didn't go today, but she finally just went about an hour ago.
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You need to take her to a vet ASAP. I'm familiar with the signs of both UTI and constipation, as my cat has experienced both (especially constipation). You might want to watch her in the litter box. The closer her butt is to the litter, that's most likely a peeing position. The higher her butt is, that's a pooping stance. If she's trying to poop you'll see her "push" and struggle to get something out. If she's trying to pee, she'll just squat and not try to squeeze.

Either way, she should be seen by a vet. The longer you wait the worse she'll get, and the harder it is to treat.

Good luck, and keep us posted.
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from what i have noticed when she poops she squats or lays low towards the litter but ...i can see jerking or muscles trying to pop something out...
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Take her to the vet.
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I highly reccomend a vet visit ASAP! It is hard to tell if it's a pooping problem or peeing problem. Is there any urine clumps or poop in the box that is fresh?

Anyways....if it is a UTI, not only is it painful to pee, but your cat can die from it!
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She was brought to the vet and they of course had to run some tests and she had blood in her urine and they just prescribed her antibiotics so she is on those now..
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I'm glad you took your kitty to the vet. I hope the antibiotics help and that she is feeling better soon. Positive healthy vibes to your kitty.
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So it WAS a UTI and not constipation..... glad you took her in. My cat had a UTI a few weeks ago and thankfully the antibiotics helped.
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