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Kittens, kittens, kittens...

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I am helping my sister find another kitten to keep her current kitten company and I came across this beautiful little girl on, My sister is looking at the little grey tabby with no tail that is in the picture when you get to the page.

Hopefully, the link will work as I couldn't insert a link like I wanted to.
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pretty baby
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Apparently, that kitten is already gone but the little black one is still available. She's just as cute!
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So cute - I wish they could stay kittens least for how they look. Maybe not for the mischief tho!
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Here's good vibes for getting the kitten your sister wants - she IS cute - too bad you couldn't see the back end to tell if she had no tail

Oh too late - try typing in Manx kitten/cat on Petfinder and see what comes up
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Oh they're beautiful! Our shelter has sooo many kittens of all colors and coats. Oh kittens are just so much fun! I miss Moonlight's baby age.
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I can't wait until Trout grows up MORE..she is such a little scamp!
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Very sweet!! I hope she gets one!
We were at the vet's today for a checkup and they have cages with adoptable kittens in the waiting room that looked just like those little gray ones...of course I wanted one until we paid the bill for the two we've got already...
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I told her that she couldn't just have 1 kitten (you can never have just 1- like the potato chips! Lol!) and she needed to keep 1 of the others that someone had dumped off.

I suppose I should give the background of kitten #1, aka Princess Jenny (weird name, but whatever, she has a 2 year old and a 4 year old). Jamie, my sister, has animals dropped at her house all the time. She had a dog dropped off this year and numerous cats/kittens. Last time, she had 3 kittens dropped off. They kept Princess Jenny and gave away her sibling because my BIL said only 1 cat. The other kitten disappeared. Jamie said they saw a coyote around so I can only think of 1 place the poor kitten could have gone (the kitten got outside and they couldn't find her). That kitten looked to be about 3-4 months old and the other 2 seemed to be out of the same litter, about 8 weeks. So, long story short, my sister decided that I was right and they needed another kitten. She has been scouring Petfinder and talking to the pounds around here so, hopefully, she will find 1 that fits with the family!

Edited to add: she's looking for a cat like my Pepper because she loves him, but she's having some trouble finding a cat that is enough like him. I tried to tell her that there is only 1 Pepper,but she's convinced she can find another. Silly sister!!
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They are all precious!!

Many good luck vibes for your sisters kitty search!
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