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A rabbit meal

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Today at Lunds I brought me some frozen rabbit ( hopin fresh) and gave the kiddeys and liver to Leopalorn.... He also got some fatty trimmings and some leg meat, bits of.

Lepalorn as you guys know is on raw.

He LOVED it, I've never seen a kitten eat so fast or aggrestively.

For a four monh old somali kitten on Raw, Is this a good snack?
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My Princess, outdoor cat I used to own, loved rabbit!

She ate the babies whenever she found their hide-out! One time she ate too much and
I found one on the dining room carpet.
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Cool i'm glad she had such a natural diet. I posted my concerns because after all it is raw organs from sourses unknown, I dont know what living condictions the rabbit had lived in.

Leopalorn crashed on the futon for awhile hes very full.
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Now hes running around and hungry again, I gave him some raw humburger from the bucher. for how much he ate he sure is hungry
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( note I didnt say cool beause of the fact the bunnies were killed), on that side I think its awful that the rabbits died, In the cities there are NOT enough natural hunters and rabbits are on the raise but that doesnt mean I 'like' that part.

I was wondering, for Thanksgiving if it would be safe for me to give a raw eater the organs from the turkey(its going to be from a supermarket). I understand the birds might not have a good life and diet but sense they are raised for humans don't you thnk the organs would be safe for cats?
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Apparently rabbits are the most delicious meat to cats.

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