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Queen Fafeena

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We've had 14 amazing years together & there honestly won't be much more time with her. I'm gonna cherish every moment.

This poor girl lived unspayed, litter after litter, as one of my parents barn cats for 12 years until she was spayed Feb. 2006. She has quite enjoyed her last year and a half. Many times I've tried to make her a housecat, quite unsuccessfully. But, she's happy outside.

Being not so photogenic

After her spay, she had 2 hernia surgeries one of top of the other before it was decided there was no fix to it. Her eyesight is going & her hearing isn't spectacular. She mostly just lays about now. She & I went for a walk(with the rest of the "clan") today so I took these pics.

I dread the day that I have to "decide something", but I will always have these pics of my girl. I cannot tell you what we've been through together & ultimately, I owe it to her.
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She's gorgeous Natalie and I'm sure she's grateful to have to be a mommy anymore
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What a beauty. Her name suits her.
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Awwww what a pretty girl!
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What a lovely girl!
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What beautiful pictures and what a wonderful story! She deserves to spend her retirement years around someone who loves her as much as you do! Thank you!
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Nat she's a beauty and i'm so pleased you've shared her with us

This is one little girl who won't forget you for what you've done
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Hi Fafeena!
you´re so beautiful! and you looks terrific sourrounded with those gentlemans!
thank you for share NAT!
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What a beautiful girl!! It sounds like she is one very special kitty!
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She's really pretty..... She's lucky to have you,, and even luckier to live her life in a safe way.
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