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Recommendations for activity toys?

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Hi all,

So, Marlowe's on his 10th day with me, and I'm curious to see what all of you think about activity toys. Because he's visually impaired, he does best with things on the ground: he loves chasing pingpong balls, and he has a furry mouse on a string that he likes (I think because it has a bell, so he can hear it to chase it).

I work and he's home alone during the day. I'd like to find ways to keep him happy. Right now, he has two scratching posts, a cat tree overlooking my apartment's deck (which he loves), and a window seat. He used to adore the window seat, but the dang thing fell while he was on top of it a few days ago -- poor baby! Now he won't go near it, even though it's been double-bolted to the wall.

I was wondering about other toys you'd suggest leaving around for him. Are there any really good activity toys out there? Treat balls, or something similar? I just want to keep him content, and I'd like to amass enough toys to rotate every few weeks. Thanks!
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I like noisy toys, a wide variety. No sharp points to them, I bought an entire package like that & my blind kitty cut her nose of them!

I found some orange 9 Lives balls that Damita adores. I tend to switch out her toys often, but the one favorite is crinkle balls.
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We bought the puzzle box from www.esmartcat.com but they don't really play with it at all.

Mine like catnip toys from Yeow! brand (www.catniptoys.com), those cheap fake fur mice that you can get out of bins at the pet store for $1, yarn poofs, and sparkle balls. They are pretty easy to please. Stimpy likes track toys, but my other 2 couldn't care less about track toys.

Stimpy and Nabu also go nuts for these little mice from wal-mart. All 3 like the $3 pop up cube from wal-mart.
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