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Our rescue*pictures*

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The girl I work with was going to "get rid" of her because she scratched her arm and pooped in the floor after they moved into their new house...I told her it was probably because the cat was stressed...She said her husband hated the cat because of what it done to her and said she could either declaw it or get rid of it...The cat(mella) has already died on the
operating table twice during her spay. She had an apt to have the cat declawed next week...I tried to talk her out of it even showing her some graphic pictures of declawing and she said it was the best thing for the cat and it would make her more wanted if they gave her away or took her to the pound...They had already thrown the cat outside shes been outside for about 3 days... I told her that I would love to take the cat...she said she didnt know about it she really wanted to keep her Last night I went to see her new house after I got off work and took a cat carrier with me as well as my husband who loves the cat and has since my friend got her...She told me that her and her husband had talked it over and would give us Mella who is a 3yrs old!! Shes very loving but a bit stressed now
Here are her Pictures!! I tried to resize these

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bless you for taking her in
What a beautiful kitty but then again, I'm partial to ginger girls
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She's beautiful! I'm glad she's with you where she has a much better home!
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Poor girl. At least she won't have her toes amputated & she'll finally be truly loved now!!
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Shes beautiful!!!

Bless you for saving her.....
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Shes' beautiful! What a lucky kitty that she found you.
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Aww, she's adorable! I'm so glad you rescued her!
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Oh what a sweet girl - she so needs a loving home. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful girl home - she looks like she is just dying to find someone who will understand her and love her!
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Aww... she's beautiful... and lucky that your friend "caved" and let you take her. Though she does look a bit chunky!
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She's beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to save her from the declaw or being put outside.

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She's gorgeous!!!!! You are an angel for taking such steps to be able to take her in.
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I just don't understand! What's wrong with people like this? I'm so awfully glad you rescued this poor kitty -- bless you both!
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Aww, thank you for taking her in! She's a beautiful girl.
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Thanks everyone!! Shes doing well but very stressed!
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Oh, what a sweet girl! Why are people so horrible? I'm glad she has a nice, safe home now!

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