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Help!!!! ( I Can't believe this!!!)

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So basically here's whats going on.

My family is really crappy....in caring for animals ("they're just animals after all" is something you hear a lot) and in caring for people.

My aunt is in a wheelchair.....Someone was supposed to take her to the store. Never happened.

So I dare not ask my ignorant family for money. Why? Cause I get this BS talk about how "they're just animals" for three hours.

My dad was kicked out of the house for beating on my pregnant mom (Good job Sac. Police Department for asking about witnesses and accusing mom of being hysterical). When I do see him....well he is very money hungry. Anyone been to San Fran, CA? He gave me and my 3 friends $5 to eat off. We ended up sharing candy.

Now....mom is sick and might have to deliver her baby early. Her pay just got cut due to all the days she had to take off (high risk pregnancy) and....she's going in for hospital stay. Our food is covered (because we're not "just animals") and the dog supplies are covered (due to two of them not being mine and their owners helping out) but the cats....well nobody in our family likes cats.

Jack is sick and smells pretty bad. His tummy hurts when touched and we figured....since he smells like "death" (words of my friend) its serious. We already discussed that its best if he were turned in to a shelter. Problem....Sac SPCA wants you to give them a $30 donation and we really don't want to spend too much giving em up cause of our money trouble and I fear at Sac County or Sac City....he will be put to sleep for sure due to it being kitten season and he....is very cute but has one eye and is sick.

On the other hand...Brio is doing perfectly fine. He is a happy flame point with bright blue eyes and very sweet. Mom says that he might need to go too He doesn't care for his brother Jack (but he is chasing him around today) but LOVES his brother Shippo who is moving in with my sister soon. I would gladly give brio to her but she doesn't want another cat! I feel so guilty! I don't know what to do! Help!!!\t
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Hi there,

My suggestion would be to pay the $30 to help him out. Obviously he is very sick, and needs medical attention.

Trust me, $30 is nothing compared to the vet bills you would have if you take him to the vet yourself.

I'm sure they will do what is best for him, wether it is treatable (who knows) or if it's best for him to go to kitty heaven..

Trust me... the vet bills are insane. I'm going through my cat having seizures, and I haven't seen my bill yet, but I'm sure it's well up and over $1000 right now.

Just think of what is best for him...

Hope everything works out!

P.s If his tummy is sore, maybe he could have worms?
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If it comes to surrendering them, talk to the shelter beforehand and explain your circumstances. The shelter I worked at also charged a surrender fee, but would lower it or waive it if the person couldn’t afford to pay it. It would also be worth discussing what would/could happen if you do surrender him and if he would be able to receive the medical attention he needs there.

Also something to consider… some vet clinics in my area do take in animals and place them, so it might be worth checking with your vet or calling around.

I am sorry I don’t have better ideas to offer. Hopefully someone that is familiar with the shelters or resources in your area will be aware of some alternatives.
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