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Boogered up my toe

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Before I tell my story I just want to say that something like this could only happen to me. I went back to bed this morning after picking DH up from work. Apparently there is a nail sticking out of the corner of my box springs. I didn't know this at the time but I sure do now. Some how, Some way, I managed to catch my toenail on the head of that nail and it pulled my nail away from the skin a little bit. Owwwww, that hurt let me tell you. I thought I was going to pass out. Now I'm not a wussy but when it comes to my wittle piggys I can't handle pain. My sweet Popsie was there though, to comfort me and make sure I was OK. It feels better now.
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Oh, that does hurt! I did that once, caught my big toe nail on the back of someone elses shoe (don't ask) and ripped it up. It hurt like crazy for about a week. A few months later, it actually fell off and another baby toenail was growing under it.
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Oh my gosh! I hope it heals soon!

The same thing happened to me. We were walking out the garage door, and I was in flip flops, when the bottom of the door ripped off part of my big toenail! It really hurts!

Some get better vibes
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You aren't alone. I'm a HUGE clutz! The day before my wedding I walked into a fire hydrant and by the wedding a had a bruise on my thigh the size of a softball! That was June 23rd and I can still feel a small knot and see a very faint bruise.

Hope your toe feels better soon!
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