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Anxiety and Fleas...please help

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I know there are other threads on this site, and trust me I read them, but I guess I need peace of mind. I went out of town for a couple days and when I got back I noticed my cats were scratching really bad. My husband said he thought he saw a little black bug on one of my cats noses (I have 2). Anyway, I was sitting in my bed and 3 fleas were on my legs. We immediatly went out and bombed the house, came home the next day, as soon as we walked in, they jumped all over our ankles. We called a proffesional exterminator in and he came on monday. We have been vacuuming every day like everyone says, but even today when we walked in 4 or 5 more jumped right on us. I have been staying with my parents because my anxiety is so bad, I cry all the time....yes, over fleas. I am scared to go home, I don't want to go home. Will these go away? I guess I just need reasurrance. I keep reading so many horror stories on all the other websites that they can't get rid of them EVER. I have a beautiful home, and I can't imagine even going back there right now. My husband has been great, going over there everyday and vacuuming for me, because I can't even fathom going in there. I'm reading everywhere we have to move our furniture around get every crack and crevice, isn't that what the exterminator is for? Please give me some peace of mind. I am going slightly crazy, and driving everyone around me crazy too. By the way, I did treat my cats with drugstore treatment, behind the neck, so I don't know if that worked, but I took them to the vet when the guy came to do our home, and she said she couldn't give them any advantage yet for one month because it is toxic,and I already gave them something, but she did give them each a capstar and told me to give them each one every 3 days. And baths don't work, my cats are not declawed and they don't ever liked to be picked up, the vet doesn't evern like to trim the nails, they are really scared...of everything. Thanks! Sorry so long.
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First of all, don't buy topical flea products for your cats from grocery stores, drug store, etc. The cheap brands they sell there have been know to kill cats because they dont properly regulate the chemicals in them. I have seen more cats come into where I work that are having seizures, lose control of there bladder and bowels and even 1 or 2 that have died from products like that... Not to mention, they don't work worth a hoot...

Advange works well and it is safe to use every 2 weeks if needed. I would wait at least 3 -4 weeks from when you applied the other flea product before applying anything else.

The reason the bug bombs and such haven't killed ALL if the fleas is because there is no product available that can kill fleas in there larval stage. Fleas stay in there larval stage until they feel heat and pressure. (such as someone walking past) and then they hatch out and jump on you. SOOOOO... unfortunatly, because there is nothing there to stimulate them to hatch of the the larva, they will stay there until you come back.

When I had a problem with fleas at my house I ...

Applied advantage every 2 weeks
Vacuumed the house every day (including the couch, bed, and anything else made of fabric)
Washed EVERYTHING, twice a week.
and i even steam cleaned the carpets and furniture.

It took almost 2 months before the fleas were completely gone.

Good luck to ya... I know it can drive you "buggy"
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When they get into your carpets deep enough that they hop all over you when you walk across it, it's time for Diatomaceous Earth (DE). You can find it at a lot of online sites and I would recommend buying food grade DE. It is complete non-toxic therefore safe for you and your kitties. Spinkle it on then sweep it deep into the carpet with a broom. Move your furniture around and get under your furniture. If you don't get everything, you won't kill the fleas.

Then wash all your bedding, throw rugs, blankets, etc.

Treat your cats with Advantage/Frontline that you get from your vet.

I had a flea infestation one year where I would get 50 fleas jumping on me as I walked across the carpet. With the DE, they were mostly gone in a few days and completely gone in a week.

Avoid sprays and bombs. They simply don't work when you get a bad infestation. And any good exterminator worth a grain of salt will not try to treat a flea infestation. The chemicals they use won't work any better than what you can get from a vet and no, they don't move furniture around for you. You wouldn't be able to afford them if they did.
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